Sunday, September 25, 2011

Reboot Camp

Our counselor at my school came up with this AMAZING workshop that is optional every week. It is call Reboot camp. Our first week was to create an inspiration board of what we want out of life, a mantra, and a goal that we want to do, but have been putting it off.
Below is my Inspirational board, my goal, and my mantra.

My mantra was: greatness. I tend to take on many things and not be great at any one. I want to change that. Each letter represents something I want out of life and what I want to be great at.
one {S} is for  sports or coaching

{N} is for being neat (or organized). One {E} is for eating healthier. I just need to and I am sure most of us do.  I somehow forgot to get a closeup of the other {S} which was SPCA rescue animals. I want to help in someway through volunteering or donations. Animals are one of my true passions.

{A} is for art and ties into my goal for the camp. I want to paint again.  I haven't painted a deep, insightful painting since college, and I need it back in my life.
{T} is for teaching, as a teacher I feel like I am also a never ending student. I need to constantly practice and learn in order to do my job correctly. I don't ever want to get in a rut where I do the same old. 

{R} is for retreat & relax. I love traveling, and I need to make it happen more often!

{G} is for growing a family. I want to grow our family this year , and I hope it happens soon!

There is my completed assignment for Reboot Camp Week#1.
My principle asked me if I could do his (jokingly). I told him I take checks.

:-) Here's to GREATNESS (-:

My brother is going to be a Pilot

And he asked me to design this for his class's patch:

It won the class vote, but was denied by his supervisors (he was thinking it might). 
But I think it is still fun and thought I would share:-)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pinterest: I don't even know how to pronounce it...

...but I already like it.

I struggle with deciding what technology fads I want to join. They always sound super rad, but I don't want to bog myself down or overwhelm myself. Two things I have been considering the past few months are pinterest and twitter. I have decided today to try pinterest. I think I am going to like. Anyone creative, any wanna be creative, or anyone that likes look at creative things, will like this.

How it works:
1. find images online.
2. click on your "pin it" bookmark
3. choose what inspirational board you want to pin it on
4. add a description
5. go to and you've got your self some inspiration.

Not sold yet?

You have to be "invited" to join, and I am not sure how that works. But you can request to be invited. Its worth it. I don't have to save all of the images to my computer wasting precious space. I can add it from any computer online. You can have different boards for different categories. And you just create your own categories.

So far I have:
Organize it!
Future Room Ideas
Future DIY craftiness
Art Teacher Ideas
Sewing things
Its a hair thing
Baked Deliciousness

Oh, it is free.

Once you save your image it saves the link of where its originally from so if you need directions on how to make or cook something or buy something- its RIGHT there! Ah-mazing stuff. Why didn't I think of it?

How about now?

Oh and just like blogging you can follow other people, and it connects to facebook and twitter (still don't have) and you get to see what they have posted.

If you want an invite to pinterest leave me your email address and I will invite you!

Know how to pronounce it? Let me know!

Hokie time

Tee and buds from high school

it was a friend's birthday and me and his wife made this red velvet cake...such talent we have!

and the girlies:-) please forgive my wreck of a hair style-humidity got to it.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Op Art Landscapes

My students learn how to draw a few different optical illusions and then combine a few to create a landscape. They then use tempera neon paint and black to paint on 9x10in paper.
My Art I's love making these!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Color Wheel Mandalas

I always like to start out the year with a refresher on color. It is crucial that students understand how to mix color for the rest of the year, and about 85% of my classes forget color mixing over the summer.

For ArtII I didn't want to do a basic color wheel, so I decided to incorporate a mandala lesson. The inner circle is the basic color wheel, the middle circle is color plus black, and the outer circle is color plus white. So we discussed shades and tones, as well! They only used primary colors and black and white.
I think the results turned out beautiful, but it did take a lot of individual explanations.