Saturday, June 30, 2012

Finished Nursery and 32 weeks

Just a little while longer!
My DIY artwork above the crib

Inspired by rando pinterest.

The giant B I ordered finally came in:-)

Changing station corner

Finally found a fourth frame for my ultra sound pics:-)

Bibs I made for Bryce:-)

Burp clothes in their bin.

Chenille Lining

original post here

Mobile I made from left over fabric and the  other lamp I killed.
I hung the mobile over the rocker.

All done:-)

Same Room, Different View

Close up of art work

B is for...

Mod podged fabric letters on canvas

2 foot B
Monkey hat from Scarlett's Poppies
A frame from my MIL with ultrasound pic from when we found out he was a he!
Bryce Train
Willow Tree friends

32 week pic
Pregnancy Highlights

How far along? 32 weeks

Size of the baby? 3 lbs and 75 oz!

Maternity Clothes? Oh yeah- my new faves are nursing night gowns:-) 

Gender? Boy! Bryce Thomas:-)

Movement?  Yes, I feel him all over the place now.But he is still mostly low!

Sleep? Pretty well, I tend to be able to sleep over 12 hours a night, but about every 3 days I wake up wide awake for 3 hours.

Cravings? Spinach and goat cheese. 

Symptoms? Braxton hicks, nesting, and feeling stretched to the max after eating just little bit.

Best Moment of the Week?  Getting my maternity pics done by WinterrBerry Galleries. I CAN. NOT. WAIT. to see them!

Friends' Babies

If I wasn't pregnant I would be having baby fever for sure at this point! Check out these darling girls of some good friends!
Baby Kate and the hubby. He is a natural:-)

I however look a little more awkward:-) haha

Rylee jumping into the pool...

Relaxin', chillin', all cool:-)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

30/31 weeks!

I haven't been great about updating every week, but last week I had done the post just never published it- so this week I just decided to do a two for one!
30 weeks pic
 Pregnancy Highlights

How far along? 30 weeks

Size of the baby? weird cucumber thingy above:-)

Maternity Clothes? Yes, belly hasn't grown too much in the past few weeks though!

Gender? Boy:-) Bryce Thomas:-)

Movement?  Constantly. He had the hiccups for a long time the other day- which was too cute:-) But, he is going to be a handful with how much he moves. I had to monitor his movements the other day and I couldn't believe how many times I pushed that button in half an hour. I don't think Bryce liked the monitors strapped around my belly because he kicked right at them consistently. T was cracking up.

Sleep? All of the time. I have burst of energy though out the day and then I take a 3 hour nap and sleep through the night only getting up once. I can't believe it.

Cravings? Peanut butter and chocolatey things and Teavana fruit white teas. I am addicted to those Teas. But I figure that is a fairly healthy thing to crave.

Symptoms? The Braxton hicks have been pretty frequent. I had a little taste of what labor may be like last Friday. We had a test run down to the hospital. Hubby shaved 15 minutes off the time. I was having what I can only assume to be contractions about 2 minutes apart for about 35 minutes. Until we got to the doctors then it slowed and I had the last one in the waiting room. Unless its under some weird circumstance I will be taking pain meds. I am just not hardcore to try without on the first baby. Props to all of you moms who have done it with out meds. 

Best Moment of the Week?  The hiccups have been one of my favorite moments so far, but also finishing most of the nursery has been really exciting! 
31 weeks (notice my nesting starting- my room is actually spotless now!)
Pregnancy Highlights

How far along? 31 weeks

Size of the baby? PINEAPPLE!?! 

Maternity Clothes? Yuppers, got some new outfits for my maternity photos this upcoming Thursday! Can't wait!

Gender? Boy:-) Bryce Thomas:-)

Movement?  Yes, but I think he is running out of room. He's gotten the hiccups a few times now. He is still super low.

Sleep? Pretty good still. Every once in a while I will wake up in the middle of the night for a few hours wide awake, but its okay since I am a teacher and can nap whenever. Dreams are starting to get a little more vivid now.

Cravings? Peanut butter still. But also more healthy things. I had a spinach salad for dinner because its what I craved. Then I made peanut butter and chocolate fondue:-)

Symptoms? Braxton Hicks are getting stronger. Nesting is in full mode. i have a clean house for the first time in forever. I even did T's laundry. Which normally I would rather die. Oh and I folded it and reorganized his drawers for him. Yeah. I still have 9 weeks and only the basement left to organize!

Best Moment of the Week?  Well, my good friend had her baby today, and I am just so happy for her and it is making me super excited for Bryce. I feel like I am less and less nervous and more and more excited about welcoming Bryce into our family:-) We had my husband's work baby shower and got some much needed things!  Also, T has been super affectionate towards my belly giving it kisses and talking to Bryce. I love it:-)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Pops Day!

A Few Words about My Dad

He's more of a Pops.
He is the most generous father anyone could ask for.
You make fun of him, he pouts with a smile.
He loves his 4 children and grandogger more than anything in the world and none of us have ever doubted it.
He has made mistakes, and I don't know anyone that has worked harder to be a better man and learn from his mistakes..
He is one of the best advise givers in the whole world. 
I can always count on him to pick up the phone and stop everything when I am upset about even the silly things.
He is one great dancer, especially when it comes to the "bump."
My three brothers and I often joke about how ridiculous he goes through life and how it could be the funniest tv show on the planet. At least to us.
He stays home from work to bird watch, and scare squirrels away from his bird feeder.
While he likes Sadie to scare away the crows from his bird feeder, he gets pretty upset when there are Yellow American Finches that she scares away.
While he stays home from work for things like bird watching, he is one of the hardest and most efficient workers that I know.
He is always on time, and I get that from him.
You know he is upset when he gets really quiet and one hands holding his head up and his other is folded across his chest.
He was a Navy pilot for 20 years, and always will be at heart.
All four of us kids know the Navy fight song.
He's a good cook, but tends to cook way more food than our family of six could ever eat in a week for one meal.
He taught his only daughter how to throw and catch a football better than most boys.
One of my favorite memories is watching him shave before he went to work in the mornings.
He told us "little Mark" stories when we were kids complete with hysterical voices, and a crying sound effect that went something like "oye, oye, oye, oye."
His hair has a name. It is called "Humpzilla"
While he is the best Pops, I have a feeling he is also going to be the best Grandpops.

My dad is my hero and I wouldn't trade him for the world.

Happy Father's Day to an Incredible Father!

Father of the Bride

One of my favorite pictures of my pops.

Before he gives me away:-)

That's his grandogger:-)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bryce's Nursery: Almost Done!

30 weeks and the nursery is almost done! This is now my favorite room in our house. I come and sit here to relax, reorganize, and readjust little things. I still have some art work that I am planning and need to paint for over the crib. I have also ordered a huge letter B that I was originally going to hang over the crib, but might hang it on a small wall in the door way. Can't decide. 

This is my favorite little area of the room. The rocker and bookshelf. 

I decided to forego the dresser I originally registered for and get this bookshelf with bins. I love it. Also, those two giraffe's I painted using my bedding as inspiration:-) Love how they turned out!

Change table station. I have one more ultra sound picture to frame, but wal mart hasn't restocked them!  The quote is from Dream On by Aerosmith- my hubby chose that quote, and I painted it. The changing pad cover, I also sewed:-)

View from the doorway. The big rug indecision ended up with me coming across one in Lowe's hardware for $40 that worked perfectly:-)

Bryce's closet- yeah its already full of clothes from 0-12months. Crazy I know.

I'm a natural nester, and pregnancy has amplified by a gazillion. Here are bins for when he grows out of or into clothes.
The rocker I have redone:-) Hard work, not perfect, but I love it.

Le Crib.

My favorite section one last time:-)

That's it for Now!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Confession Friday!

I haven't done this in a while, but I have a few confessions to make.

1. I had my one hour glucose test. Of which I was positive I was going to pass because I pretty much limited my sugar intake to 0mg the day before (okay except for some delicious nutty chocolaty trail mix), drank tons of water, and only ate protein. So after the test, I went to the mall and immediately bought myself a huge pecan cinnabon. Along with a sweetened Teavana Tea (my new pregnancy craving). Continued to come home and eat some of my left over birthday cookie cake and washed it down with a soda. This morning I got a call from the doctor. FAILED the test. Which they said the levels weren't alarmingly high, but they wanted to be sure. Good thing I splurged yesterday because for the next week no sweets for me. Which is no fun considering I am going on vacation.
said cookie cake. I did throw half of it out after my ridiculous splurge yesterday so I wouldn't be tempted.

2. The more I tell myself I am not going to buy anything else for Bryce, the more I find to get him. Yesterday I went into this adorable boutique called Rolly's to return the changing pad cover that wasn't working in the nursery. Well, I could only exchange it. I found the CUTEST shoes- and there was only a $13 difference. Yeah. Good thing I am not having a girl.
Here they are! you can buy at PediPeds
3. I sometimes imagine the time when I am not pregnant and picture myself in better shape than before I got pregnant and tell myself that it is GOING to happen no matter what.

4. My arms are already much bigger than I ever attended them to get while I was pregnant. To make myself feel better see number 3. I would post a picture, but I delete any that make my arms look fat. Exception is the one above on my birthday (its my only 28th bday picture).

5. As much as I was going to try and not make this blog about just my pregnancy- it has turned into just that. However, I have redone our downstairs bathroom and will post pics as soon as I find my new shower curtain hangers.

6. Sadie will always be my first child. I never tell people to their face, but I don't believe them that you don't know love until you have a baby. I love her too much:-) I know people say that I will love my own child so much more and dog will be second (hubs 3rd;-)) but she is my adopted child and my Sadie Baby.   I have worried more about how to help her accept the new baby not as a threat. Any tips?

my little baby girl:-)
7.  There is a position I can lay in that will make Bryce go crazy (I think because he is upside down) and he will just kick and kick nonstop until I roll over- I purposely lay in that position sometimes just to mess with him. He messes with me all the time though, so I don't feel too bad:-)

That is all for now! What are you confessions? Link up over at Blonde Ambition!