Friday, October 19, 2012

Comparison Pics!

I only have two comparison pics - and I think the ones of me are when I was older than Bryce is now (at least the second one). I plan on getting some comparison pics of Tee too! I definitely think that Bryce favors Tee, until I compare baby pics...I just had a much larger forehead:-)


look at my chins!! haha so chunky!

I tried to find photos of Bryce that were similar to the two I had of me.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bryce at 2 Months!

Can't believe my baby is already 2 months! 
Right before he rolled out of the basket (onto the couch) and about gave mommy a heart attack.

Beautiful Smile

Wondering what in the world my camera is.

Getting some chunky rolls in his legs!


His little cry face.


the most perfect face

sadie getting in on the action..she is clearly bored.

sleepy boy
getting mad at how many pictures I am taking of him.

play face!

mommy and bryce

big smiles!

lion comparison pic

I can't get enough of his smiles:-D

 This month Bryce has started major coos and babbles along with the most beautiful smile! He loves to talk to someone who will listen and coo back. He also smiles at peek-a-boo and tickles. He likes to look at his teddy bear mobile in his pack and play. He still sleeps in bed with mom and dad:-) He hates tummy time still, but does last longer. He loves baths more than ever. He likes to suck on the back of his hand to tell me he is hungry. Bryce is also getting a lot more use to daddy. I think his favorite song is I'm a little tea pot. He rode all the way to Nonna and Grandpops house and back without a single cry. He is our world:-)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Baby Talk: Carriers

If you want to get stuff done during the day, a baby carrier is a must! They have been my lifesaver! We have two, the ergo and moby. Originally I had bought the baby bjorn for my husband, but after reading a bunch of reviews about how bad it is for your baby's hips I returned it and traded it in for the ergo. Below I am just going to list pros and cons of each. 
the ergo (sport) with newborn insert
quick to put on
ergonomically correct for baby's legs
light weight, not too hot
good neck support for baby
can wear baby face in, face out and on back
not too girly for hubby
must be somewhat flexible to put it on
discomfort in wearer's lower back
a little bit scary to put baby in it with insert
not as soft as the moby
a little pricey for carrier and insert $140(cheaper than bjorn)

the moby
very comfortable for wearer and baby
strengthens your shoulders
easy to put baby in once you figure it out
can wear without baby in it for quick transitions from carseat to stores
very soft, keeps baby super close to chest
covers baby so people aren't tempted to mess with him
bryce loves it
can wear baby face in, face out or on hip
only about $40
folds up small
takes a lot of practice (youtube helped!) to get it right
a little bit hot during warm days or if I'm doing a lot of chores
lots of fabric to deal with and keep clean
hard to put on quickly, especially when you have a screaming baby
hubby refuses to wear it

There is a similar wrap to the moby called the boba and it looks  little more lightweight and is more of a flexible fabric (think spandexy) so its easier to put baby in and out. 

The baby k'tan is another wrap that's been recommended by some experienced moms.

Bottom line: for me its nice to have both. I use the moby the most because of my back and if you had to choose one- this would be it. But when I need to take the dog out quickly the ergo works great. I think as Bryce gets older I'll use the ergo more on my back and my hubby will use it for taking him to tech games.

Hope this helps anyone trying to figure out  which carrier to get!

*These are my opinions I was not paid by either brand to review their products.