Sunday, January 30, 2011

dolla dolla bills

These are from last semester. I had the students redesign the dollar bill. I gave them a print out with facts about the dollar, and things to include in their designs. They chose what medium they wanted to color them.
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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Rotating Color Wheel

The other art teacher at my school did these last semester and I thought they were fantastic. Sooo it was what I started this semester off with. I printed off a worksheet with the pieces already drawn on them. The students then cut the pieces out and traced them on a piece of poster board. We then divided the circle like a clock (12 & 6, 9&3, then 1 &2, 4&5, 7&8, 10&11) and used a ruler to connect opposite numbers. I then had them outline everything in sharpie and had a discussion on how to lable the colors, starting with primary, then secondary, then intermediate. The arrows were labled as complimentary, triad, and split compliments. I explain the color schemes after they painted and assembled the color wheel. They paint the color wheel, then paint the arrows with textures, and cut everything out. Assemble with brad- color wheel on bottom, then split compliment arrow, then triad, then complimentary. I then explain the arrows by having them point the compliment arrow to a color and they tell me what the compliment is. I did this with all of the arrows and also explain analogous colors. They then use this for their next project...coming up next!
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My New Message Center

I mentioned in this earlier post about how I wanted to redo a window frame into something fabulous. Well, meet my fabulous, new window frame.
finished product

hanging in our entry way actually had a lot more to it(star spangled curtains, spider webs, etc), but I immediately stripped it down before I thought to take an actual before pic.
I stared at the frame for what seemed like an eternity (as I usually start and finish things as soon as I get them), and finally started off with white washing it. 
Then, I added the top left and bottom right fabric, which I wanted to cover cork board with it, but wal-mart was out, and I was getting impatient, so I used cardboard. 
The black part is chalk board paint on card board, to leave messages, I just need to buy chalk. 
The bottom left, striped area has wire across it to hang pics on, as soon as I get some new 
black and white prints, along with mini clothes pins. 
The knobs I ordered from anthropologie
The fabric is from Above All Fabric, which is the same place I bought my dinning room chair fabric.

I was too excited to wait and stage it, before I posted about it. I will post some more pics as I actually start using it as a message center!

Friday, January 28, 2011

closet reorganize

After my closet shelf collapsed I was planning on putting it back. But after two weeks of a mountain of clothes on our floor I decided to forget the shelf and use what I had. The teal baskets were a left over welcoming gift for our wedding guests ( they had snacks, drinks, itineraries, etc). I put scarves, hats,socks and undies in them. I put my spring clothes in the guest closet. And I got the two hooks from lowe's for all of my necklaces. I know its simple, but I love it.
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Celebrity Mosaics

Here are the mosaics my 9 th graders have been working on for almost 3 between 12 snow days. Well the semester is over and as you can see...not done. A few of my students are coming in after school to finish, but I have been dying to post progress pics. A few are done.
some famous soccer player?

lady gaga (not finished)
Marilyn Manso (not finished)
Reese Witherspoon
Jeffrey Stars???(not finished)
Prince Royce (not finished)
Hillary Duff (not finished)
Taylor Lautner (almost finished!)

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google redesign

This was an on the fly, filler project. The rules were to redesign the google search logo using a theme. I showed them a few designs google has done for holidays, olympics, artists, etc. I got some pretty cool designs!
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Monday, January 24, 2011

Bachelor Time Out

crazy#1...boot this girl off Brad.

I watched Brad Womack's first season on the Bachelor. Good for him for not choosing either girl because he didn't "feel it." I now think ABC network is trying to punish Brad by bringing out some real nuts. 
crazy#2...already booted...thank goodness.

runner up crazy, really GET OVER YOURSELF

But there is hope!!! This girl is great. Brad, run a way with Emily NOW!!!

Chantal is winning me over with the fact she pointed out to crazy number 1(Michelle) that her one on one date note didn't have the word love in it, like all of the other notes! HAHAHHA and Brad seems to act a little more real around both of these girls (especially his one on one with Chantal) than any one else.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Google has gone Cezanne!

I love Paul Cezanne! ( Today is his birthday-1839) and google is honoring it.

Which reminds me of a project I did with my students I need to upload!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

sadie, esq.

Sadie and I went to see T at work, and she looked so arm cute behind the desk. No objections here!
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Monday, January 10, 2011

sneak peak: office

I painted the office before Thanksgiving, but haven't finished all the details. Here is one detail I finally found a fabric that matched my color scheme: burnt orange and deep purple, I also have touches of navy. When I find a window treatment, or sew one, i'll share more pics!
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rod stewart?

We skyped my dad on his birthday yesterday ( happy birthday pops!), and he asked " is that Sadie or rod stewart?" Maybe its time for a hair cut!
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Friday, January 7, 2011