Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Hurricane Kind of Wedding!

Here some some photos I took at the wedding, just for fun:-)

me and t

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Couple's Wedding Shower: Great Success

Country Chic
Green Bean Casserole
Potato Salad
Strawberry Salad
Corn Casserole
Homemade Pies
Couple's Wedding Shower
guest write a problem that could happen in the marriage on one notecard, and advice for that same problem on another note card. The cards are put in separate bags and then guests pull a card from each bag and read a problem and a solution. Super funny game- the men really got into it!
Who's your Man?
Bride is blindfolded and has to pick her fiance out of a group of men by feeling their muscles.
The Newly Wed Game
Ask bride and groom a list of questions ahead of time, and then at the party they answer the questions according to what they think their spouse answered. If they get it wrong they get a piece of gum to chew. By the end of it bride and groom will have wads of gum in their mouth.
Brian and Amalie

Yummy apple pie and blackberry pie

chalkboard welcome sign

me telling the bride not to cheat

name tags, guest gifts, Love sign

door letters

the happy couple

a gift: slat and pepper shakers

guest gifts

I love this ribbon!

The spread

Some of the group, yes that would be Sadie:-)

prizes: mason jars with candy

framed picture with a mat for guests to sign

name cards

flowers in mason jars with different pink and green gingham tied around

a different view! The bride's sister arranged the flowers!

the letters that were hanging on the door

funny or serious advice to the bride and groom, recipe book, prizes for games

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Crazy Week!

This week is very exciting for me...

First off, this guy:
is our house guest for 2 weeks! 
He is a 3 year old westie named Max. 
He looks so innocent...not so much.

Second off, this hot couple:

is getting hitched this weekend!

I can't wait for the celebration. Amalie (rhymes with homily) is my best friend from high school, 
and she definitely picked a winner with Brian. 

Third off, I am crafting:

for the wedding shower I am throwing for them.

My favorite thing so far are the mason jars I decorated with pink and green ribbon. 
The theme is country chic and I am focusing on pink and green, but am trying to incorporate yellows and blues as well. I will post more pics after the weekend!

Here are some of my inspiration for other details:
I have already painted an A & B! There is something I just love about letters!

What fun way to spice up boring old water!
AND someone at my school brought in a bag full of cucumbers today to give away!
SCORE! stolen from: 4men1lady

they love playing scrabble, and I put this on their wedding shower evite

I made something sorta like this to hang as decoration and for a pic like this

I loved the cherries dipped in white chocolate look.
I bought white chocolate in hopes I'll find some yummy cherries!

Have a good one!