Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's a boy!

While the video does not show it, I couldn't help, but share this exciting ultra sound with you all! A huge thanks to my MIL for video taping for me:-)

We chose a name before the ultra sound: Bryce Thomas:-) We are thrilled. I didn't think it was possible, but my husband seems about excited as me now, if not more!

Knowing that the baby is a boy makes everything all the more real now! We can't wait to meet him and I especially can't wait for T to start feeling some more kicks!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

16 weeks and proud of it!

wait for it....(also, sadie wanted to be in the pic)
I don't know why, but I have been thrilled to be at the 16 week mark. I haven't really felt like my bump has gotten that much bigger, but looking at these pictures- OH, BABY!:-) 


lovin that I can still fit into my booty pj shorts, I'm going to enjoy it while I can and wear them all day.

I am still aware that I haven't posted weeks 13-15, and you may have to get over it. For one, I think I only took pics for week 14 and I looked hideous. So we'll just stick with what we got!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

9-12 week baby bumps, 16 week update

So I have been awful at updating my baby bump pics to this blog and I have even missed a few weeks of taking pics. I actually do have some more pics from more recent weeks, but I left that memory card at school. I am actually 16 weeks now, so yeah- a little behind. Fun fact about these pictures- my hubby usually takes them and getting the camera to focus in room is a joke. The lighting is terrible and he is just not a camera person to begin with. So excuse the awkward smiles at times. Also, please excuse the terrible hair- a lot of these are taken after I have fallen asleep on the couch and then remember- OH YEAH- the weekly bump pic!

I am going to go ahead and do my little journal for 16 weeks, but I promise to post pics later:-)

Pregnancy Highlights

How far along? 16 weeks and 3 days

Size of the baby?  avocado. I ate one today. Delish!

Maternity Clothes? Definitely. I can only wear regular sweaters, jackets, and socks.

Gender? 2 weeks until we find out!! Recently my feeling of it being a boy has changed to I HAVE NO CLUE.

Movement?  Yes! Especially within five minutes of laying down. Still not enough for T to feel, but definitely getting stronger.

Sleep?  WIERD dreams, up once a night to pee. And some nights of tossing and turning- but mostly sleeping through with the once up to BR.

Cravings? Each day it changes. Everything from hot dogs, corn dogs, ice cream sandwiches, to avocados and PB&Js. Nothing weird. Except the hot dog thing- I normally hate hotdogs. I have more food aversions than normal. I am not nearly as hungry as I thought I would be- I eat about as much as I did before I was pregnant.

Symptoms?  Headaches. Everyday. I still get a little nauseous at night, but my energy is coming back some what. Lots of growing belly pains.

Best Moment of the Week?  Hearing the heart beat for the second time- it was so strong! And picking out a crib!

High Risk factor: In two weeks we should find out if I should have any issues with a shortened cervics- but everything has ben going very smooth and the doctor reassured us at our last appointment it will be very rare for me to have a problem.