Monday, September 16, 2013

Kandinsky Trees- second grade

Loved how this project turned out!!! It took about two 40 minute classes to make. The circles are based off of Kandinsky's famous circle painting.
 I actually am doing this project at my other school with pre-k and kindergarten, but I think it was a perfect project for second grade level!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Pre-k name Rockets

My first success with pre-k! We started with a fun discussion on outer space. They told me all about what you could fin in outer space and then we discussed some of the planets. They used metallic crayons to draw the background, dipped their finger in sparkle paint to add glitter for stars, practiced cutting the squares, wrote their name if they knew how, and added a rocket top and afterburner with silver paper.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Brycer's FIRST Birthday!

Just like the past year of his life flew by, so did his birthday! We had such a fun time, and wanted to thank all of our family and friends who traveled near and far to celebrate with us. Bryce is a truly treasured child and I am pretty sure I have a hard time breathing when I am not around him. I wish and pray for him to live a long, healthy and happy life full of love. Happy One Year Birthday my sweet baby boy Bryce!
The group cake I made with his ocean preppy theme:-) First time with using mostly fondant! Love how it turned out!
smash cake on our "special plate" 

smash cake top view, I was determined to make and decorate his cake all by myself:-) I am quite proud!

a few of the decorations

gold fish bar and ocean jello sharks

guess how old Bryce is!

So excited to open his first present, he started crying;-)

stabbing the cake with his 1 candle.

I finally had to give him a taste.

He didn't want to get his hands messy, so he got a spoon.

loving it!


opening more presents

His push cart zebras from Auntie Jenna!

A baby baby grand piano from CiCi and PaPa Tom

Sorting party favors later that night

my little Update of Bryce at one year

Smithsonian National Zoo Trip

Finally got Bryce to a zoo! We had a great time watching zebras, a panda (not the baby yet), tigers (saw tiger babies on the tiger keeper's phone!), elephants, and gorillas. We got there early and am glad because all the animals we saw were putting on a show!!! Especially Damai the mommy can watch her cubs here: TigerCubCam