Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kandinsky Circles

This ended up being a great end of the year project with water colors for fifth grade ( and some third). They just made a grid, drew targets in each on, and experimented with color relationships. They enjoyed focusing on the painting, but I didn't mind the chatting so much because they were working and I got a lot of compliments from other teachers

Clay Animals

I thought I had more pics, but some of my third graders did these clay animals, they turned out super cute!

Ceiling Tiles

Each year fifth graders have an opportunity to enter a competition to paint a book cover on a ceiling tile. I am the one in charge, but the whole staff votes on who wins. Here are this years winner's finish product:

Saturday, May 22, 2010

ANIMAL Obsessed

Since Sadie and I have been apart, my animal obsession  has become worse. I stalk, dogs in cars driving by, the llama my prinicple kissed as a fundraiser at my school, my friend's blog who also has a yorkie, Lola, and pictures I make Tee send me of Sadie.  RIDICULOUS.
but I really can't help myself, I miss my little girl:-)
this is Sadie's preferred relaxed position, I have never been able to snap a pic of her doing it, but the Hubs did!
There is something about sleeping animals that makes my heart melt.
This is the sweetest llama, it was snuggling up to my principle, and let all of the kids touch her!

I think that if I didn't have bills and need to eat, I would probably give all of my money to the SPCA.


I'm in the process of moving to Virginia from Oklahoma...I will be back soon!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sadie in Virginia...Me in Oklahoma=

*Note: I am green because I am so sad I am sick that Sadie is not around.

Monday, May 17, 2010

AfroTextures: Self-Portrait

One of my favorite projects!
I walk students through how to draw a face, explain proportions and where things go. They practice in their sketchbooks, and then draw in pencil on card stock paper. Next they add five guidlines in the hair and add their first, last, or nickname in the "afro" area. They then outline everything in sharpie. They add different textures between the letters of their hair with the sharpie. Lastly, they outline the letters with glitter glue pens. The results are so fun, and always unique! 

Bubbly Wrap Prints

I'm not sure where I originally got this lesson plan from because I had it planned before blogging, and really I can't remember life before blogging. Anyway, I used it for my Art Focus class (a relaxing art program for students that, well, needed to relax) after school on Mondays. Here some of the results:


first print
a second print
neon print
another second print

Monday, May 10, 2010

Ruba-dub-dub....lady sadie and me in a tub

Well me and Sadie are experiencing our first tornado warning together in the tub...RIGHT NOW. Sirens are going off, two tornados have touched down right around our apartment area, and hail is coming down. Sadie is a little confused why we aren't getting wet in the tub, and at the same time very happy she isn't getting a second bath this week. The hubby is trying to make it home from one of his afternoon exams to make into his car port to avoid hail damage. OH THE JOYS OF LIVING IN OKLAHOMA. only 11 days left!

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Last week was our Honor Art show at Piedmont Elementary, and it was a huge success:-) Pictures to come soon!

Found Baby Pics of Aunt Jenna's

I came across these pics and had to post.
How cute is my furbaby? I'm a proud mommy:-)

Speaking of which, when Tee and I talk to Sadie we refer to ourselves as "daddy and mommy" so this morning I asked Tee what Sadie was going to make me for breakfast in bed, he thought I was serious...hahahhahahaha ( I am not that ridiculous:-))

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Husband's away...

I get to play!
Okay, maybe I have been watching way too much HGTV. And since we are moving in 1 1/2 weeks no point in me doing any apartment changes. Enter cheap target table. I stole the paisley pattern from Lilly Pulitzer. I think I am going to line the side edges with some sort of small teal  or cobalt blue colored tile or glass, but we'll see. I love impromptu projects!