Monday, September 12, 2011

Zentangles: Anything is possible... stroke at a time.

This was an end of the year project (last May) I had all of my art class participate in during Standardize testing.  I showed a powerpoint on what a Zentangle is and how to create one.  I chanced upon this concept last April on another art teacher's blog, but can NOT remember who's is was. 

If it was you let me know and I will give you credit!

They had a link to THIS Web Site, and I pretty much based my powerpoint off of that. 

Its a huge movement, and there are even zentangle web groups. Each person will draw and up load their own zentangle in which it will be combined with others' in the group to make one larger zentangle. The actual size of them is small (there are exact specifications, and I think it is 3in x 3in).

I gave my students patterns from THIS Web Site dedicated to zentangles. There is no erasing, so the used a smooth flowing ink pen and created their skeleton, and then added their own patterns or borrowed one from the print outs I gave them. I told them they needed to do 6 each. They worked on them when they finished bigger projects, before I moved them on to the next. 

Here are the Results!
Wall of Student Zentangles

I just heart them:-) 

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