Sunday, September 11, 2011

Joining in: Art is the Best Part of the Day

I have given up on trying to figure out away to transfer my art teacher blog on to this account. Don't ask me why, but google all of the sudden decided I HAD to have 2 accounts, and it separated my gmail, blogger and picasa web albums. I am not happy. I am confused. and quite frankly I think blogger, picasa gmail are also confused. It says I am already following blogs on this account, but won't let me create a blog list to show them. I can't transfer followers, which is super sad for my art blog because I know teachers count on me:-( But I have faith they will eventually find me here! I could go on and on, BUT...

Enough complaining...this could be a good thing. I had 3 separate blogs (dog, work, house), and now I have bigger better blog, that lets you see me as a whole, rather than sectioned into 3 different me's.

I do eventually plan on creating a better "logo" for myself, but for now I am just using a template to save time.

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