Monday, September 5, 2011

Peru Trip: July 2011

I just realized I haven't posted any pictures from my mission trip in Peru this past summer. I went with my mom and a few members of my hometown church. In Lima, Peru we did a variety of things as a group, but my mom and I mostly worked in schools. I also ended up being the group translator  for the most part, and I can't believe all of the Spanish that came back to me after not using it for a few years. I will say, my mom reviewed a lot with me right before the trip and on the plane. 

One really amazing thing happened on the trip that I would like to share. 
Our group leader's wife ended up having to go home the first day we were there because her brother died of a freak accident. The leader of our group was torn on what to do. He wanted to go with his wife, but he organized the whole trip. He ended up staying, but was clearly stressed out. The third day we were there, attending mass, and at the very end when it was time to stand up one last time, he passed out- seizure style. Now, this service was late at night, in the middle of nowhere, and Peru doesn't have 911. He was in and out for a very long time, but mostly out. At one point, I looked over and was certain he wasn't coming back. At that same  point I noticed some women praying harder than I have ever seen anyone pray. I pointed them out to our group, who also started praying. Not 30 seconds later, seemingly out of nowhere, our leader was getting up, cracking a joke, and ALIVE! I am not sure all of the time what I believe, but I am certain I witnessed a miracle that night, and will never forget it.

Enough talking, time for some photos!
the whole group

Sister Mary Louisa, and a typical Peruvian Taxi 
Law office

view from hotel we stayed at (in the nice part of lima)

a day of touring ( me and my mom)

I asked the policia if I could take a pic, they loved it!

vitamins we brought for schools to give out

bridge of sighs, near where we stayed

me and my mom at the gazebo where we had "happy hour"

one of the churches we helped while we were there

Incan market in Lima

vitamin counting

Pisco sour is the native drink from peru- STRONG!

Ceviche- typical food- I love this because you can see the octopus tentacle!

painting- the boy had a ton of paint on his face!

one of the things about Peru is the finish one level, and plan on building the next when they have money for supplies. It is a sign of hope. This is me and my mom on a roof top in one of the neighborhoods. Peru has 9 million people, and roughly 8 million are living in poverty.

our group guide with one of the church's cats
I am a huge animal lover, and I couldn't believe all of the animals that were skin and bones. About 10 regulars hung around this one church.

Me and some students from Santa Ana

The church where the "miracle" happened. They leave the doors open, and all sorts of dogs come in and out. In fact the priest said they have had dogs do EVERYTHING you can think of during mass.

at La Guardia preschool, where we taught an art/bible lesson on the lost sheep.

me helping out with PE class.

Santa Ana, one of the schools we helped at, but on a huge dance for us.

The preformed all of the native dances of Peru.

I just love this picture:-)

One of the more comical dances of Peru. I couldn't stop laughing.

me (on the right) with some girls from the vocational center
some delicious cookies that the vocational center makes

It was hard to choose just a few pics, but I hope you enjoy! If you ever have considered to doing some sort of mission trip, I highly recommend it. I couldn't believe, even though they had so little, they still would have a homemade gift to give us. 

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