Sunday, April 26, 2009

still no camera

I have been unmotivated to blog because I can not find my camera. However sadie is now 5 pounds! She went to the vet Friday and got her last round of boosters minus one lime disease vaccine booster. She is so scared of the vet now. She immediatley puts on a drama queen face as soon as we get up to a counter that resembles our vet. Example: Blockbuster. The lady checking our movie out wanted to pet her and normally Sadie would do anything for attention, but she immediatley tried to climb on top of me and glued her little stubby tail to her butt just in case anyone tried to take her temperature. Very sad. Sadie has also lost a few teeth, if she loses most of them before we move, the vet said we need to get her spayed. Which makes me sad, because she is still so young! Well that is my update...I'll try to do better.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

First Hair Cut

and no, I did not save any hair.

Pic coming soon...I thought I had one on my computer, but I don't...and I can't find my camera.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hello, Goodbye

I haven't been able to blog lately, mainly because I couldn't bring myself to. Penny, my Golden Retriever I have had since 5th grade passed away right after I went home for spring break. Sadie got to meet her, and thank God I have Sadie or esle I don't know if I would have made it through the past two weeks. Penny was diagnosed with cancer Thanksgiving last year, but she still acted like a puppy on snow days and played fetch- just a little bit slower. But a few days before I got home from spring break my parents warned me she had aged quickly in the past week and she was eating less and falling down more. When I got home, her face had doubled with whiteness, she was totally deaf, and still brought a smile to my face. I didn't spend to much time at home with her because of wedding planning, but I knew that every moment I did spend with her could be my last. She made it through the week, hating Sadie every minute (although I think she secretly liked her by the way she always perked up and even barked when Sadie went Beastie on her) and got to ride with me to the airport. She was the best dog and sister to me and I will always have a place for her in my heart. Many friends reached out and said the kindest words when she passed. The day my parents decided to put her down my mom took her down to the creek behind our house that she always went down to for a swim, fetch gigantic rocks, or to drink a ton of water. She was so happy to go and my mom said you could tell she wanted to stay down there and go naturally. That's when we realized if we weren't going to let her go that way we needed to help. She went very peacefully and we will spread her ashes over the creek once me and my brothers are all home. Here are a few pics of Sadie and Penny, and Penny and mine's last goodbye. I love this pic....Penny pretty much growled and barked at Sadie whenever she tried to play- I mean she 100 people years old. But Sadie really wanted to be her friend, so she sorta just backed herself in and laid down, you could tell Penny secretly liked it.

This is Penny's "are you serious about this hamster you brough home?" face.

Sadie just being curious about the big red dog.

Last picture of Penny and me. She always loved road trips:-)