Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dear Rain,

Please go away. The current owners of our future house need to move, and you are putting a huge "damp"er on their progress. You see, they have to drive their truck into the back yard to get the heavy furniture out of the basement. If you do not go away, they will not be able to drive in the back yard. Not being able to drive in the back yard means not being able to move (why can't they take the furniture up through the garage you say? to that I say, I don't know, that is what I suggested.) PLEASE GO AWAY. I can NOT wait anymore.

Come again another day (a few weeks from now),


Dear Sweet Sunshine,

PLEASE  COME  OUT & SHINE AWAY AND STAY FOR THE NEXT WEEK! Pretty please with cherries on top!


Monday, September 27, 2010


We close on our first house next Monday.  I can't sleep because I have ideas. tons of ideas. I have paint colors picked out, furniture coming in, tile picked out, kitchen renovation ideas, bathroom plans. BIG PLANS. I have already started a few DIY tiny projects I can't wait to share. Also, you should know in college me and my roommate rearranged our room 500+ times. I love changing up room design, and making my own art. I can't wait to have a whole house as a blank canvas!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shattered Values- Last two!

Awesome! Going to enter these into the art show!
I CAN NOT figureouthow to rotate this! But it is a really awesome one!

Celtic Roads

start with a piece of paper folded in four and draw a design in which the design goes off the edges that are folded and don't go off the loose edges.
trace over the design with a 6b or ebony pencil and fold the design over to the other quarter of the white paper. Rub the back until design lightly transfers. May need to use finger nail. Go over the now half page design again withtheebony pencil and then fold the whole shee in half so the design is on the inside,and then rub the back so the design transfers again. Then tape the celtic design, pencil side down to your final paper,and trace over the design with a regular pencil to transfer the design.
Trace over the transferred design with sharpie, and then color in with prisma colored pencils, colored pencils, or crayon.
Water color in a splatter/tie dye wet in to wet manner.
designs colored.

Finished product to come soon!

Analgous Color Squares


Draw 3 verticle lines
Draw 3 horizontal lines
Trace 3 circles
Draw 2 curvy lines from edge of paper to another line
Use two primary colors to create an analogous color scheme and add white