Busy Books

I made my first "busy book" for my 2 year old son Christmas 2014. It was a labor of love for sure. I used a pattern I bought online and adjusted as I saw fit. Since then, I have had many people ask if I would make one for them and I decided to make a mini version that would be affordable and do-able. I have a few pages that are my go tos, but have created and invented new ones as creativity strikes. My son loves taking his book to places where he needs to be entertained. I love the book as it encourages imaginary play, it is educational, and a fun way to play without need electronics!

Here are some samples of pages I have done. I am open to creating new ideas, if you have a child who has a special interest. All books are special order and you may choose which ever pages you would like, minimum of 6. The books include a carrying cover. Cost for 6 pages is $30. Each additional 1 sided-page is $5. Double Pages are $10. Colors may vary, and can be requested.

Busy Books | $30
  • Includes a personalized carrying cover & 6 pages- your choice
  • each additional page | +$5
  • double pages | +$10

"The Artist" | Imagine being an artist with real paint brushes and removable felt sketchbook.

"Construction Site" | Switch from excavator to bulldozer and shovel dirt and rocks!

"John Deere" | Pocket wagon to collect crops. 
"Laundry Day" | Includes clothes, pocket laundry basket, a dryer that opens and clothes, clothes pins & clothe's line.

"John Deere Double Page" | Pocket wagon with crops to feed removable finger puppets cow and pig.

"Fruit Tree" | Pick delicious fruit off the tree and put in the basket.

"Pizza Parlor" | Removable pizza with a pocket of fresh toppings!

"Cupcakes" | Bake and ice your cupcakes with removable cupcakes tops that encourages fine motor skills!

"Space Aliens" | Finger Puppet Aliens can also fly in the space ship pocket.

"Shape Master" | Practice matching shapes with these removable and colorful shapes!

"Little Hoot" | Finger Puppet Owl will encourage imaginary play!

"Fruit Basket" | Apples and Bananas have removable inner fruit for kids to pretend to eat!

"Choo Choo Train" | Count the button wheels and rearrange the carts for a fun train ride.

*All books are handmade/sewn. "Imperfections" are beautiful and what make it unique!
*Please allow 3 weeks time to have your order complete