Sunday, September 30, 2012

Birth Story

No rush drive to the hospital. No hee hee hawing. No pushing for 3 hours. Nope. Bryce's birth story begins and ends with a semi- planned c-section. 

At my 39 week appointment my doctor thought that Bryce's head might not be where it was supposed to be...pointed down..."in launching position" as my father-in-law put it. Of course this is the one doctor's appointment I went to by myself. So off to the ultrasound tech I go to see exactly how Bryce was positioned. And sure enough head up, butt down he was. Breech Baby Bryce.

Rewind. My loose plan was I was sincerely hoping to have a vaginal birth. To really experience having a baby. I was even going to try not doing any meds. At the same time, I am reasonable and told myself I needed to be flexible. Not to get my hopes up...I maybe a total whimp. And the scary statistic of 1 in 3 women have c-sections and all of my friends who had recently had babies did not have c-sections. So when the news was given to me that pretty much my only option was a c-section the next day (Friday or earlier the next week) I contemplated crying and then decided- mehh I said I was going to be flexible, so c-section it is. And there was no way that if I could meet my baby the next day was I waiting all weekend. Plus, now my parents didn't have to make a 5 hour drive in the middle of the night and miss tons of work. So Bryce Thomas would be born on August 17, 2012.

I ended up staying down in Winston-Salem, NC rather than making the hour and half drive back home. I ran some last minute nesting errands- got a much need baby book so I could capture Bryce's newborn footprints. Bought a bouncer that we used all of the time those first couple of weeks. Got the BEST pedicure of my life. Tee and his family (plus dogs!) met me down there and we got a hotel room next to the hospital, for my c-section was scheduled first thing in the morning.  Thank God, because if I had a moment to let all of it sink in- Bryce might still be in my belly now. My parents drove down and got there in the middle of the night.

The next morning (where these belly pics were taken) me, Tee, my mom and dad went to the hospital at 6:00am. We checked in quite calmly. Sat in the empty waiting room for a few minutes, then Tee and I were ushered to pre-op. I dressed in my lovely gown, given a run down of how things would go, got an ultrasound in which Bryce had the hiccups- and yes, he was still breech. I probably told everyone I came in contact with my fear of throwing up because of the spinal and pain meds during the procedure 10 times. They reassured me they could give me meds if I felt nauseous.

Next thing I knew I was being rolled into the operating room. Tee had to sit outside on this stool for 25 minutes while I got my spinal and went numb. The spinal was nothing like I feared. I thought it was going to hurt awful. But I think because I had expressed my concerns about being sick the anesthesiologist was extra careful and I seriously can't even say it felt like a bee sting. Maybe a mosquito bite. My feet went numb immediately and they laid me on my back. They tested with a cold sponge how far the spinal had reached- once I was numb where I was supposed to be they put the curtain up- let Tee in and began! I just felt some tugging for the whole 20 minutes of the procedure. Which was weird because I am not sure what would cause that type of feeling the WHOLE time. I only sort of felt nauseous once and told them right a way and it went away. Tee held my hand the whole time. When it came time for Bryce to be "born" they asked Tee if he would like to see. Tee surprisingly said Yes and stood up to look over the curtain. I will never forget watching him watch Bryce come out. He was so excited. And giggling and talking about how amazing it was to watch. It took way longer than I imagined (but just a few minutes) and I kept asking- is that him crying??? Bryce came out butt first, peeing. Then once his head was out I heard everyone exclaim how his eyes were wide open! 

Right after he was born they took him to the incubator and Tee went to cut the cord. He said he had to sort of saw through it. Meanwhile I got  super sleepy at this point...and shaky. But then Tee got to bring Bryce over and I just couldn't believe it. Our baby boy was here and my, he was amazing! I wasn't allowed to hold him yet, but it was so special watching Tee hold him. I was able to touch his cheek and just stare at him. 

Once the doctor finished sewing me up, I was handed Bryce and we were rolled to the recovery room. In the hallway we were greeted by our family/paparazzi! It hit me then and I shed a few tears. I was overwhelmed with love. We got to spend a few moments in the hall and then moved on. I was able to breastfeed in the recovery room and just hold Bryce. The next 24 hours were quite a blur because I was on heavy meds and pretty much couldn't keep my eyes open to talk for very long. I do remember thinking- my life has changed forever and I am so in love with this baby boy! 

a few last belly pics

tee acting like he has a gut

its funny because I didn't remember looking that big, now:-)

a picture of bryce I sent my parents when they were waiting- they're cradling the pic:-)

in the hallway on the way to the recovery room

Bryce's first kiss:-)

not liking the paparazzi

this is Tee taking Bryce down to the nursery while I was finishing in recovery

my little man

the nurses holding Bryce up the the window so my family could see

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bryce is 1 Month Old!

I took these photos on his actual one month birthday, however, he was a stinker yesterday and I did not get a free second to post them! So here he his- I just love his little expressions:-)

At one month Bryce sleeps in spurts of 2-4 hours at night. He follows shiny objects with his eyes. He hates tummy time. Loves looking at lights. Squinches up his face when Sadie kisses him. He grunts and squirms a lot. Has had a few moments of cooing talk. Pooped through his first outfit. He spits up A LOT. Somewhat likes a pacifier. Will take a bottle from T. Has been to his first VATech game, church,  and Wal-Mart (multiple times). His night time routine includes a bath at 8:00pm (which he looooves). Dressed in a sleep n' play or gown. And dancing to Old Crow Medicine Show, Bruno Mars, and Snoop Dogg. Every once in a while he will be wide awake at 4:00am for a few hours. He is an easy baby and we are exhausted- bless those parents who don't have easy babies!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Bryce's Newborn Photos part1

Here are Bryce's newborn photos at 2 weeks:-) Isn't he so stinkin' cute?
Delp's Photography did an amazing job! We ordered plenty of pics for our gallery wall. Bryce was bright eyed and bushy tailed for the whole shoot- a very rare thing for two week old Bryce.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hair Cut Scheduled, Opinions Needed!

September 27th!

I have been growing my hair out for 3 years. For the past year it has stayed about the same length no matter how often I get it cut or how little I get it cut. I told myself I would give it until August 2012 and, well, it is September 2012. It is time for a change. I can't decide however if I want to go really really short or take it in stages. I love the dramatic hair cuts from having long hair to short, but then again 3 years of growing it out is a long time! Here are some pictures I have picked out.
This is what I really really want. I have been drooling over this hair cut for months.

This would be an in between option of what I have now and the above. Kind of boring and safe.

I like the longer layered bob as well....

This is really really short, but I do like it- seems like it would be a breeze in the morning!

I think this is the same hair cut as above- Miss Reece is just stunning:-)

Here are some pics of me with different length hair. I was only going to post a few...but it was kind of fun looking at all my different hair styles:-)
Shoulder length straight (2007?)

This is the shortest my hair has ever been (Summer 2007). And what I am thinking I want now.

Shoulder length (I think 2010).

Short in 2005- not a fan of the layers for a current hair cut.

This is the short hair cut grown out some Spring of 2008 ( I couldn't resist this pic)

This was my hair a year ago...

See- same length as it is now!

Another short cut..and very straight circa 2007!

 I just like this pic:-) (2008)

This was my hair when it was dark in winter of 2008! Just wanted to share:-)

This is what my hair looks like curly at shoulder length ( summer2008).

This was the summer before I got married (2009)...about the length it is now- but straight.

What do y'all think? Shoulder length or go for the shortness!?!?!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Etsy Shop Open: Special Plates

I have decided to open an Etsy shop selling a product that I have made as a wedding gift for years...Special Plates! To learn more about this awesome family tradition or to order your  family a Special Plate please visit my Etsy shop House of J's! All orders are custom made, here is a sneak peek of a plate I did for my friend Morgan's wedding!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My World has been Flipped Upside Down

This is Bryce's "Focker Out" face

I literally stare at him all day

first doctor's appointment- mommy was a wreck

more focker out- he does this when he is done eating.

his touch down pose

our first walk

so in love with this snuggle bunny

He has so many different expressions

going home outfit

Going home from the hospital

I look lovely:-) C-sections will do that to you:-)

uncle ryan and francine meet bryce the sunday after he was born

in bliss!