Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Baby#2 | bump update

Yeah so, no where near diligent with the bump pics as I was with Bryce. But honestly it has more to do with the fact that I have not felt well more than forgetting! But good news is this week has been an upswing and hoping from now on I will feel betta!

Weeks: 15
Heart rate at last appt: 161 (14 weeks)
Cravings: fruit, fried and scrambled eggs, dr. Pepper
Symptoms: nausea, things tasting like soap, major food aversions, loss of appetite, extremely thirsty, tired
Movement: yes for a week now, maybe longer! Stronger movements than I remember feeling at first with Bryce just not as often.
Moments to remember: Bryce loves talking, kissing, hugging (and sometimes kicking) my belly. Anytime he sees a picture on Facebook he goes "my baby!"
Name ideas: ugh. I can not bring myself to think of names. It's been a frustrating process this time around.