Sunday, January 31, 2010

I heart snow!

Oklahoma's triple threat (sleet, ice, snow) storm watch=5day weekend (and counting). Hurry up and take the picture mom, my butt is cold.

Ain't I cute in my pink sweater and snow beard?

I am trying to find a good spot to go potty in this white stuff mom!

I think I am on to something!

Last of the Sea Animals...

More Sea Animals

Whales and sea horses.

Sea Animals Continued

crabs, dolphins, and octopus, OH MY!

Third Grade: Sea Animals

The Square One Art project for third grade. Here are some fish:

More African Animals!

African Animals Continued

African Animals

This artwork is for our fundraiser done through Square One Art.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Third Grade: Matisse Fish

A collage based on Henri Matisse's goldfish paintings.

VSA Arts: All Kids Can Create Contest

I realized after yesterdays post about the Color Wheel Vases, that last year I had entered one of my student's Color Wheel Vases into this amazing contest that promotes art for all children, especially children facing disabilities. The name of the contest is "All Kids Can Create," sponsored by VSA arts and CVS. My student ended up being the chosen winner from Oklahoma and his work is now on a national exhibit and an online exhibit. If you want to check it out his painting is image 37 out of 51 and you need to click on it to see the whole picture or check it out below! The coolest part of this whole experience is, his artwork was on the first cover page of the published booklet for the exhibit, and then a slice of his painting was on each page! He also got recognized by our local newspaper:-) I also recently received a 2010 calendar, and his art work is November!


This is the "me" part of Lady Sadie and me...I have created a new blog about teaching art. Well, go check it out for yourself...

Don't worry, Lady Sadie and Me isn't go anywhere!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fourth grade: Color Wheel Vases

The element of COLOR...

Third Grade: 3D Line Scultpure

The element of design: Line.
I start this project by asking my third graders "How many lines do you think there are?" Usually they answer with 5, 10, 20...then I ask them to open a page to their sketchbooks and we start drawing lines. I walk them through 5, and then have them draw 15-20 more. After that we draw a bug figure eight type contour line with marke on a 18x24 sheet of paper. they then fill n each section with a pattern of lines. They then cut out the shape, and then cut the figure eight type lines until they almost fall off. After the lines are cut I help them staple their line design into a sculpture type format as shown below. Sometimes I will ask them what they would name their sculpture ( I usually encourage roller coaster type names:-))

* project idea found here.

Two more Mood Paintings

Originial project post here.

more moods!!

* Info. about mood painting project here.