Sunday, March 29, 2015

Introducing Bentley Our Second Yorkie

T and I have been wanting a rescue Yorkie for sometime but timing just wasn't right. Well, by word of mouth we came across a three year old neutered male Yorkie looking for a new furever home! A week later there we were bringing him home:-) 
Our biggest concern was Little Miss Sadie. She likes other dogs for 2 minutes then can be a little mean so we did a lot of research on how to introduce a new dog to the family. We took them to a park first thing and walked then around. Everything went better than expected. Then we brought him home and he peeing and humping pillows started! 
But I fell in love with him immediatley, he grew on Tee in the months to come!
After a lot of patience in love he is fully potty trained (way better than Sadie) and just a big bucket of love who steals Sadie's food! Sadie is coming around, but definitely asserting her self as alpha dog.