Tuesday, July 17, 2012

PINNED! What to do with Sentimental Cards

I am not huge on saving every card I ever get. Usually if it something super sweet written in them, or funny, I save it read over it once more at a later date just to remember, then toss it. However, I saved all the cards from my wedding and planned on doing the same with Bryce's shower cards because those are extra special times. Well, thank you pinterest for a great idea that I did in less than half an hour!
Here is the example I went off of.

My final product!

Side View

So easy and organized!

Supplies I used: 
Card Stock (although I think the original pinner used  a thicker material
Thick Ribbon
Different decorations for cover
Hot glue
Thin wire

I just used the tack to poke a whole in the top left corner of all of the cards (I lined them up so the top edge and side edge matched the previous card). Once all of the cards were punched, I measured my front and back cover and cut them out. Then decorated the covers. I threaded the wire through the front cover, then all of the cards, then the back cover. Twisted it so it had a wring so I could hang it on a hook if I wanted to. I took thick ribbon wrapped it around the whole "book" so that the two loose ends were out to the right (different than the example book I coped) and hot glued into place on front cover, and then back cover, let cool and then tied the bow to the side. That's it! 

I can't wait to make one with all of my wedding cards! I just have to find them:-)

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