Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bryce's Baby Shower

My baby shower was this past weekend, and I didn't whip my camera out until the very end:-( But I did run around and try to catch some of the details that went into decorating for the shower- the ladies in charge did an amazing job, and I felt so special! The theme was The Birds and the Bees with a twist on the bees aspect.

The gorgeous quilt Megan made me

Trifecta plus Caleb

All my bridesmaids made it to the shower:-)

beautiful party favors

my SIL put so much effort into all of the details:-)
I just love this!

Birds and the Bees set up in the sun room

More Birds and 'Bs'

Activity: ABC book

My mom with my Friend Amalie's 3 month old:-) Such a cutie!

Bee Hive cake made by my MIL

This was after we wiped out the food!

More birds and bees

There was a set up of pics from when Tee and I were babies:-) I had never seen T as a baby- he was so cute!

Cupcakes were gone!

More "Bryce" letters:-)

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