Monday, July 23, 2012

35 weeks with the bump!

How far along? 35 weeks (and four days) The pic is from a true 35 weeks:-)

Size of the baby? coconut (although on my phone it says honey dew- which seems much larger than a coconut!) And he should be around 5.25 lbs, and 18 inches!

Maternity Clothes? Yes, and they are starting to not cover my belly very well.

Gender? Boy! Bryce Thomas:-)

Movement?  He seems to have kicked up his movements, and I can really feel some feets and elbows now.

Sleep? Ughhhh. My back has had its issues this past week. Sleep has not been so great. I have moved to the guest bedroom and added a heating pad. I pee any where from 2-6 times at night.

Cravings? Not so much this week as last week- but GRAPE KOOL-AID. it has by far been my most random and necessary craving. Hubby went on a special trip to get me some.

Symptoms? Sciatica, braxton hicks are much stronger, and general uncomfortableness has set in. Pretty much I am never comfortable. How short waisted women ever have more than one baby- I do not know!

Best Moment of the Week?  I haven't been super great about doing these every week so I'll tell you about a few incidents over the past few weeks that stand out...

1. We took breastfeeding and birthing classes- which were super helpful and got both me and my husband super excited for Bryce to get here!
2. On the way to said birthing classes I was telling T a story about how the cord bank would take Bryce's cord blood because I was too far along. Well, later on in the trip I was giving him an example of pregnancy brain in which I told him about how I was talking to the cord blood lady and she asked me to spell my name. So I said  Amy Jackson...she asked me to spell Jackson so I said...G-A-C-K-S-O-N. Then she asked- do you spell Amy the traditional way? In which I realized my spelling mistake and said oh-oops I didn't mean G I meant J- I get them mixed up sometimes. Well, shortly after is when she said I could be a donor. After telling T this pregnancy brain story- he goes- NO wonder they didn't want your cord blood. They probably thought you were a ra-tard (say it like Alan on The Hangover, I really do hate that word, but it seemed funny in this situation), and thought- oh no thanks! Anyway once my hubby pointed that out to me I peed my pants laughing at him so hard because he was probably right.
3. Getting a tour of the hospital. I am just so excited to have him. I hope he comes sooner rather than later!

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