Tuesday, April 17, 2012


1. I love hearing thundering while laying in bed. Love.
2. Bryce does not like the fact I am a belly sleeper, and he is determined to kick me all the way back to my side every time I try to lay on my belly.
3. Today, I felt extremely creative in a smart way for the first time in a while.
4. I know there are a million people who will tell me otherwise, but I believe I will always love my dog just like she was my first child. Even when Bryce comes along,  I will still feel this way.
5. I know T is tired of me being pregnant. But not as tired as I am of it. So he is just going to have to deal:-)
6. Feeling Bryce kick is one of the most amazing things ever, seeing his kicks through my belly is even more amazing. Waking up to his kicks. Not so amazing.
7. I love remember small things considerate people have done for me in the past. Whether it was a thoughtful gift, kind words, a sweet card, or just a smile at the right time. One friend who is not super close to me, but always seems to go the extra mile comes to mind. And while I know she reads this blog every once in a while, I doubt she even realizes it is her. But I can't wait to attend her wedding June2:-)
8. I need to do the above things for other people much more often.
9. If I don't start doing some of the stuff I have pinned on pinterest, I think I will still be an okay person.
10.  What is it about summer getting closer that makes me crave putting my toes in cool sand and smelling the ocean? What I would give to be at the beach sometime this summer!
va beach 2 years ago- thats the zipper, my uncle's dog

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  1. Aww I love this post ;) - I am so excited to see you and T and your belly and to feel Bryce kick!! xoxo


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