Saturday, December 3, 2011

Link Up: Confessional.

A Blonde Ambition Blog is starting a new link up party- and I am all in. Born and raised Catholic I am used to sharing all of the bad things I have done. These are MY confessions.

1. I may or may not have thrown an eraser and accidentally bopped a student on his head when he was working on a project (a student who constantly throws erasers, clay, paper footballs at others). He loved it.

2. News paper coupons from black friday may still be all over my living room floor. And I didn't even black friday shop. But I couldn't resist looking at all of the good deals I had missed, and then immediately got disappointed and didn't have the energy (and still don't) to put it in recycling. They aren't even in a neat stack. How about you- any good deals???

3. A student came to school with full on makeup- except mascara. Honey don't do that.
my  favorite ever: Everything Mascara by Bobbi Brown

4.  Little Caesar Pizza and Cheesy Bread may be all we eat in January considering a purchased $35 worth for a fundraiser at my school.

5. I never think I need anything for Christmas, until I start shopping for family and friends, then I need EVERYTHING I come across. For example, I want to get my hubby golf clubs, and I saw hot pink ones and immediately thought to my self- I could like golfing...

On that note, if I do end up buying something (affordable)  for somebody, at least once a year I end up buying two and keeping one for myself.

6. T & I religiously watch 8 tv shows a week. And want/need to add 3-5 more to that list. (He actually watches one more than me, but its too late for my early bedtime). Here is my list: Monday- Two and a Half Men, House Tuesday- Glee, New Girl, Raising Hope, Wednesday/Thursday- X factor, Thursday- Grey's and Private Practice. What I want to add is Modern Family and Whitney. T also watched Sons of Anarchy. Here's the thing. We are serious TV watchers. We start all series from the beginning and watch them until they are canceled the end.

7. I gave up caffeine a few months ago, and this week I have had a relapse. I have had a sweet tea or diet coke or both everyday. And I plan on having one or the other tomorrow as well. Sweet Tea of choice? Hardee's.

8. I obsessively stalk blogs and facebook friends who are expecting. 6 months ago, I could have cared less. I just love pregnant women. What an amazing miracle! And I hate the haters that complain about pregnant women because thats all they talk about. They have another human growing inside of them for Christ's sake, they have earned the right to brag! I am going to be that obnoxious pregnant woman that post pictures every week of my belly. and a picture of the fruit that they are the size of. If you don't likey, then don't looky.

Here's my BFF from high school- so freakin' cute!
9. My suit case is still packed from Thanksgiving weekend. I literally have to jump over it to get into bed at night. I keep hoping I will wake up and it will have magically unpacked, washed and put away all items in itself.

10. I talked to my whole 4th block class through a paper towel tube. It was the first time they were quite while I talked. AND I didn't have to talk as loud because the roll amplified my voice! Double score:-) I think I am still a little kid at heart, and this is why my students love me and why I love my job.

11. I am co-hosting an ugly Christmas Sweater partay next week, and I don't actually own one. Time for a goodwill ugly treasure hunt! I hope I find something like below...

This is so fun! Join me in confessing your thoughts/doings on your blog!

*note, I had this set to automatically post on Friday....Blogger FAIL:-( 


  1. Great ugly sweater photo. Really gets the point across, haha.

  2. That may be the best ugly sweater photo ever! Tacky vest over tacky sweater, with the freakin ferret in their lap. I love it! This is a great post. I laughed all of the way through it, especially the paper towel tube part.

  3. hahaha I'm a teacher also - so I loved the first confession! oh and I'm tring the papertowel tube on Monday!

  4. thanks everyone:-) I had fun writing it- the truth will set you free!

  5. Stopping over from the linky...loved your confessions! Have a great Monday!! (And I watch all the same shows except X-Factor and I don't catch all the Two and Half Men episodes).


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