Sunday, November 27, 2011

Best Thanksgiving Ever!

My "thankful post" is a little late, seeing as it is the Sunday AFTER Thanksgiving, but better late than never!
my youngest brother- a real turkey.

Here is what I am thankful for from this past week:

1. Having one more Thanksgiving at home with all of my immediate family, hubby, and pup.
2. Bocce Ball and Croquet games with my loud and obnoxiously fun family.
bocce ball in 2008

3. Late night stories from my military brothers.
4. Watching my baby brother fly a T-6 solo.
5. Riding a log roller coast with my 3 grown brothers.
6. Dad in the morning asking me what my grouchy meter reads.
Father's Day 2009

7. My lawyer husband trying to keep up with my crazy military brothers and their military talk.
8. Seeing my mom.
Me and my mom 2008

9. Watching the Hokies DOMINATE the Wahoos in Charlottesville.
Past weekend at the Uva-VaTech game.

10. Finding some exciting Christmas presents for most of my immediate family/In-Laws!

Here is what I am thankful for in general:

1. My job. I truly enjoy my coworkers, boss, teaching art, and for the most part the students I teach art to.
2. Where I live. People seem shocked when I tell them where I originally am from and that I genuinely love living in rural Virginian mountains. Its a peaceful southern comfort I will always love.
view from our deck

3. My little family of 3. Hubby and S-dog. I couldn't love them anymore.
honeymooners:-) 2009

sadie bug

4. Having a church that I look forward to going to.
5. That I live in America. After visiting Peru and hearing stories from my military brothers, I will always be grateful for living in the land of the free.
Me and my mom in Peru

6. Being part of the blog/pinterest world.
7. Having a creative mind.
8. Invisalign!
9. Friends that I can run with, shop with, call anytime, bombard with questions, laugh until my side hurts  with, worry with, and vacation together. I have some great great friends, and this past year they have unknowingly helped me more than they will ever realize.
Friends in Galax

10.  That hubby and I both have parents/siblings that are loving, supportive in all ways, easy to share holidays with, great grandparents to their grandogger (even if she leaves presents here and there), and a great example of marriage.
Our amazing parents.

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