Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Presents

I love wrapping presents! In fact if I buy anything for my husband in December I usually just wrap it up and save it to give him for Christmas. I have in fact wrapped up $3 iPad screen cleaners for him this year. I had really wanted to do the brown paper wrapping this year, but I could NOT find it anywhere around here (rural SW Virginia). So I settled with using hemp as the ribbon this year and made clay name tags for some. Anyway, please don't judge my Christmas tree. I didn't really put all that much effort into it this year because we will not be around and quite frankly the fact it has any ornaments on it is a miracle.  Notice that it is lacking a tree topper. Yup, never brought it up from the basement.

typical I do blues for wrapping paper, but I decided to use the bells as my touch of blue this year.

that circle up front is one of the clay name tags I made.

said poorly decorated christmas tree.

our fireplace has been so amazing this year! 

There are some very special presents from me and my husband this year!

Can't wait to GIVE them away! I can't believe the surprise I have kept this year:-) Normally I tell everyone what I got them:-)

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