Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Slab Pottery

My Art classes had a clay day of slab pottery right before Thanksgiving Break. I like to do this project at the end of the year, so students have an opportunity to create a beautiful gift for someone:-)
Here are the steps:
wedge and compress about 1.5 -2lbs of clay
pat into a ball
roll out on canvas or newspaper into a circular shape about 1/4 inch
use dollar store snowflakes, angels, stars, lace burlap, etc to print into clay
write name on bottom of clay
lay clay in a paper or plastic bowl - you can mold it all of the way or just give a slight impression
let air dry and buff (I use the green rough side of sponges)
glaze- With the imprints of snowflakes you can do two tone by painting dark in the crevasses then wiping clean with a sponge and doing a lighter color on the outside.
fire again!
and Wa LA:

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