Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Office- sorta

Wait...this is a design blog?
So I am pretty sure I haven't posted anything about my house in... forever. And to be honest, I haven't shared most of the rooms I finished months ago. Why? Well partly because I had a new camera, partly because my life has been CRAZY, and partly because I was lazy. But today I am going to share part of my office with you. Why part- you ask? Because I am only happy with part of it. In fact now that... ummm... 8 months has past since I painted it, me and my husband wish we had chosen a different color. Mehh, I took a chance on a warm color, should have known better:-) This is also the first set of pics I took with my brand new camera so bear with me on the random photography!

this is a chess set my older brother bought us for our wedding from Iraq

he is an avid chess player, and it means a lot to me

its on display in our guest room

which color do you always want to be?

right side of my office desk shelving

my display

left side- oh yeah this used to be our entertainment center

my dried wedding bouquet goes with my orange and purple color scheme

they were originally pink and white:-)

my sewing machine my mom passed down to me

love my new camera!
I can't believe I haven't taken a picture of the office desk as a whole...oops! 
Guess you have something to look forward to!

You like the color? Its Valspar Lafonda Copper

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