Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Crazy Week!

This week is very exciting for me...

First off, this guy:
is our house guest for 2 weeks! 
He is a 3 year old westie named Max. 
He looks so innocent...not so much.

Second off, this hot couple:

is getting hitched this weekend!

I can't wait for the celebration. Amalie (rhymes with homily) is my best friend from high school, 
and she definitely picked a winner with Brian. 

Third off, I am crafting:

for the wedding shower I am throwing for them.

My favorite thing so far are the mason jars I decorated with pink and green ribbon. 
The theme is country chic and I am focusing on pink and green, but am trying to incorporate yellows and blues as well. I will post more pics after the weekend!

Here are some of my inspiration for other details:
I have already painted an A & B! There is something I just love about letters!

What fun way to spice up boring old water!
AND someone at my school brought in a bag full of cucumbers today to give away!
SCORE! stolen from: 4men1lady

they love playing scrabble, and I put this on their wedding shower evite

I made something sorta like this to hang as decoration and for a pic like this

I loved the cherries dipped in white chocolate look.
I bought white chocolate in hopes I'll find some yummy cherries!

Have a good one!

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