Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Pops Day!

A Few Words about My Dad

He's more of a Pops.
He is the most generous father anyone could ask for.
You make fun of him, he pouts with a smile.
He loves his 4 children and grandogger more than anything in the world and none of us have ever doubted it.
He has made mistakes, and I don't know anyone that has worked harder to be a better man and learn from his mistakes..
He is one of the best advise givers in the whole world. 
I can always count on him to pick up the phone and stop everything when I am upset about even the silly things.
He is one great dancer, especially when it comes to the "bump."
My three brothers and I often joke about how ridiculous he goes through life and how it could be the funniest tv show on the planet. At least to us.
He stays home from work to bird watch, and scare squirrels away from his bird feeder.
While he likes Sadie to scare away the crows from his bird feeder, he gets pretty upset when there are Yellow American Finches that she scares away.
While he stays home from work for things like bird watching, he is one of the hardest and most efficient workers that I know.
He is always on time, and I get that from him.
You know he is upset when he gets really quiet and one hands holding his head up and his other is folded across his chest.
He was a Navy pilot for 20 years, and always will be at heart.
All four of us kids know the Navy fight song.
He's a good cook, but tends to cook way more food than our family of six could ever eat in a week for one meal.
He taught his only daughter how to throw and catch a football better than most boys.
One of my favorite memories is watching him shave before he went to work in the mornings.
He told us "little Mark" stories when we were kids complete with hysterical voices, and a crying sound effect that went something like "oye, oye, oye, oye."
His hair has a name. It is called "Humpzilla"
While he is the best Pops, I have a feeling he is also going to be the best Grandpops.

My dad is my hero and I wouldn't trade him for the world.

Happy Father's Day to an Incredible Father!

Father of the Bride

One of my favorite pictures of my pops.

Before he gives me away:-)

That's his grandogger:-)

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