Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bryce's Nursery: Almost Done!

30 weeks and the nursery is almost done! This is now my favorite room in our house. I come and sit here to relax, reorganize, and readjust little things. I still have some art work that I am planning and need to paint for over the crib. I have also ordered a huge letter B that I was originally going to hang over the crib, but might hang it on a small wall in the door way. Can't decide. 

This is my favorite little area of the room. The rocker and bookshelf. 

I decided to forego the dresser I originally registered for and get this bookshelf with bins. I love it. Also, those two giraffe's I painted using my bedding as inspiration:-) Love how they turned out!

Change table station. I have one more ultra sound picture to frame, but wal mart hasn't restocked them!  The quote is from Dream On by Aerosmith- my hubby chose that quote, and I painted it. The changing pad cover, I also sewed:-)

View from the doorway. The big rug indecision ended up with me coming across one in Lowe's hardware for $40 that worked perfectly:-)

Bryce's closet- yeah its already full of clothes from 0-12months. Crazy I know.

I'm a natural nester, and pregnancy has amplified by a gazillion. Here are bins for when he grows out of or into clothes.
The rocker I have redone:-) Hard work, not perfect, but I love it.

Le Crib.

My favorite section one last time:-)

That's it for Now!

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