Friday, June 1, 2012

Confession Friday!

I haven't done this in a while, but I have a few confessions to make.

1. I had my one hour glucose test. Of which I was positive I was going to pass because I pretty much limited my sugar intake to 0mg the day before (okay except for some delicious nutty chocolaty trail mix), drank tons of water, and only ate protein. So after the test, I went to the mall and immediately bought myself a huge pecan cinnabon. Along with a sweetened Teavana Tea (my new pregnancy craving). Continued to come home and eat some of my left over birthday cookie cake and washed it down with a soda. This morning I got a call from the doctor. FAILED the test. Which they said the levels weren't alarmingly high, but they wanted to be sure. Good thing I splurged yesterday because for the next week no sweets for me. Which is no fun considering I am going on vacation.
said cookie cake. I did throw half of it out after my ridiculous splurge yesterday so I wouldn't be tempted.

2. The more I tell myself I am not going to buy anything else for Bryce, the more I find to get him. Yesterday I went into this adorable boutique called Rolly's to return the changing pad cover that wasn't working in the nursery. Well, I could only exchange it. I found the CUTEST shoes- and there was only a $13 difference. Yeah. Good thing I am not having a girl.
Here they are! you can buy at PediPeds
3. I sometimes imagine the time when I am not pregnant and picture myself in better shape than before I got pregnant and tell myself that it is GOING to happen no matter what.

4. My arms are already much bigger than I ever attended them to get while I was pregnant. To make myself feel better see number 3. I would post a picture, but I delete any that make my arms look fat. Exception is the one above on my birthday (its my only 28th bday picture).

5. As much as I was going to try and not make this blog about just my pregnancy- it has turned into just that. However, I have redone our downstairs bathroom and will post pics as soon as I find my new shower curtain hangers.

6. Sadie will always be my first child. I never tell people to their face, but I don't believe them that you don't know love until you have a baby. I love her too much:-) I know people say that I will love my own child so much more and dog will be second (hubs 3rd;-)) but she is my adopted child and my Sadie Baby.   I have worried more about how to help her accept the new baby not as a threat. Any tips?

my little baby girl:-)
7.  There is a position I can lay in that will make Bryce go crazy (I think because he is upside down) and he will just kick and kick nonstop until I roll over- I purposely lay in that position sometimes just to mess with him. He messes with me all the time though, so I don't feel too bad:-)

That is all for now! What are you confessions? Link up over at Blonde Ambition!

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  1. You make me smile, Amy! I am so excited for you and Tee. The Sadie thing, the love is different, but I definitely understand what you mean. Don't stress over the glucose test...I even passed my 3 hour...and look at me! I really think it will be fine. Have an awesome vacation!


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