Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veteran's Day

This day is very important to me as I have four immediate family members that have been/are military. Here are some benchmark moments in some of my brothers' military careers. My older brother, Chris, has been to Iraq for two tours in the Army once as an infantry officer for 18 months (in a row) and earned two bronze stars. And once on a tour as a finance specialist. He is now in the Army National Guard. My middle brother, Ryan, is about to deploy for the Afghanistan effort in the very near future (Dec./Jan2011) as an EOD officer in the Army. My dad served in the navy for 20 years as a fighter pilot! My youngest brother, Zach, is currently in flight school for the Air Force and has recently done his first solo flight. It is very important to recognize what all veterans and their families have given up.  Freedom is definitely not free.
I could not be more proud of my family.

my middle brother graduating from EOD (Hurt Locker) school

middle brother at commissioning ceremony (the day after my wedding:-))

older brother giving my middle brother his first officer salute

me and my mom pinning on my youngest brother's officer stripes at his commissioning ceremony

from L-R: older brother, youngest brother, dad, uncle, middle brother

My three very cool brothers.

Love these pics!

Me and the boys after youngest bro's commissioning ceremony at JMU

* I thought I had some cool pics of my older brother in Iraq, but I don't :-(:-(:-(

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