Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Looking for some art

As an artist, I have trouble pulling the trigger to buy art. If I see something I like, I simply make it myself for MUCH cheaper than what it would cost me to buy it ready made. However, I don't want to make everything I like anymore. Mainly because I am not being original, but also because I would like to support other artists.

Soooo I spent this afternoon scoping out Etsy. Here are a few of my favorite finds:

i think these prints are super cute.

There are a few more scattered in this post. love for the kitchen.

also, perfect with my future kitchen colors.
I am obsessed with family trees, and this one is adorable.

besides the fact that its for a baby. I love different fonts arranged into graphic art. Also, it says Jackson, which immediately won me over.


would go perfectly in my living room! but not sure about the pigeons.
good hallway art.

I am a collector of Js, and this one is superb.

this is one I might actually make just because I like the idea, but not exactly this set up.

would be a cute kitchen print.

I am a sucker for black and white.

I still haven't found anything for above my headboard. I think I need something abstract...

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