Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Adventures in Sadie Land

It's been a while since I have blogged about what Sadie has acutally been up to, and that is because we have moved 3xs in the past 4 months. From Oklahoma to Virginia Beach, VA Beach to Tee's Parent's in Galax, to our new house a mile down the road. Here are a few snapshots of sadie in the past few months.
Sadie and Max, her best bud at the in-laws.

Sadie and grandpop on a trip home. He refers to himself to me as Sadie's grandpops. and no longer just my "dad." cute.

sleeping at our temporary home at the Jacksons.

On a walk between our new house and the in-laws. She is not sure what to think of the cows.

While in the in-laws yard sadie is allowed to run free. Max has to be on a leash. They developed a game where sadie runs circles around max while he tries to catch her if she comes in his zone.

I normally cut sadie's hair, but I nicked her skin right next to her eye last time. so I am growing her hair out for a professional haircut:-( plus it is getting cooler.

finally in our new home, and able to relax.

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