Thursday, May 3, 2012

Oh da Baby! 24 weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights

How far along? 24 weeks!

Size of the baby? grapefruit...I am always slightly confused by the fruit sizes.

Maternity Clothes? yes and the above pics includes some new summa clothes I just got from old navy- loving them! Super comfy:-)

Gender? Boy:-) Bryce Thomas, and  I just love his name so much:-)

Movement?  Yes- I can see him jiggle my belly all of the time now:-) Its exciting!

Sleep? Blahhh. Starting to have pregnancy insomnia. I have just started to read my Kindle. 

Cravings? not this week- I've been too busy to be craving anything. Although I have wanted a tuna sandwich from subway almost every week. shredded cheese. Toasted. Delish.

Symptoms? The PEEING. Today, every 15 minutes. not joking. And every fifteen it was the OMG if I don't get to the bathroom right now I will pee myself. Did I mention I am a teacher? 

Best Moment of the Week?  Well this was like a week and a half but since I didn't do this last week- My sis in law got to feel him kick for the first time. And it I just love sharing those moments with people. I have no problem with people (I know) come up and touch my belly. I usually encourage it if they glance down, hehe.

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  1. Look at your cute baby bumb! You look great! I just love reading all of your updates. LOVE his name. So fitting for the handsome gentleman he'll be. :) love to you and sadie baby.


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