Monday, May 7, 2012

look what I made!

My friend is due exactly two months before me and she had her first baby shower this past Saturday. I decided to make her some burp clothes using this tutorial by MADE. I loved how they turned out, and decided to use the same basic concept to make matching bibs with the left over fabric. 
burp clothes!

and bibs!

little giraffe cut out on polka dots.

the left two are Velcro and the far right is actual button. I decided that the actual button would be too difficult to put on and off the baby. Like I said I made the pattern so I sure hope that they fit Baby kate's neck! I did test it on Sadie- and it worked:-)

I made three of each and she loved them:-)
Pink and Green Fabric came from Joann's.
I ordered the White Chenille from Amazon, but it is not as soft as what they had in Joann's- however I couldn't find it online when I decided to buy it, not realizing I would be near a Joann's the following weekend.

I am pretty proud and plan on making some for Bryce:-) 

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