Monday, January 16, 2012

A little fluttering heart in a gummy bear

Well, the day has come my friends. In 221(give or take) days I am going to have a beautiful baby. In between now and then  my midsection and assets will be getting larger. And I can not WAIT!
I would wait until 12 weeks to share, but I am terrible at surprises AND I am already really pooching out. Good bye flat tummy.

we told our families at Christmas and this is a glimpse at how we told them. At first, my brothers thought the onsies were for my little yorkie, sadie.

We got ourselves shirts as back up. Can you tell how THRILLED sadie is about the whole baby thing?

6 weeks- already rockin some maternity pants. I like being comfortable.

this night hubs may have asked me if we were expecting twins

here I am this week!

My mom told me that the women in her family just pop really early.

Despite the fact that I already look 12-16 weeks pregnant I am not. I have actually only gained 3 lbs which is about what I should be- I just have a pooch now!

So while I do intend to post every detail about my pregnancy here I hope I can  also keep up with some other random stuff on here! We plan on redoing some rooms to make room for a nursery and I plan to post all design details as I go. In the meantime I stole this from a few blogs and I just love the idea of keeping the preggo brain in track with this short journal!
Pregnancy Highlights

How far along? 8 weeks and 4 days.

Size of the baby?  rasberry! The ultra sound tech guessed 8 weeks 5 days based on the ultrasound and then after she saw due date recalulated. Considering me and my hubby are on the tall side of the human population we may have a long 'un.

Maternity Clothes?   yes SINCE week 6!!! ahhh  Mostly pants, but some regular shirts make me just look fat. I can no longer wear my normal pants. I mean I can, but I am super uncomfortable.

Gender?  no idea- I would love a girl, but I have a feeling its a boy- and I will be very happy either way(obvi)! hubby would love a boy, but has mentioned a few times that a girl would have a better chance at a basketball scholarship.

Movement?  nope, but lots of cramps.

Sleep?  I definitely don't sleep like I used to. But I had my first dream of baby related things last night. I had a dream about breastfeeding. And lets just say it was not pretty. 

Cravings?  Everyday it changes. Every meal it changes. But last week I had a craving for a snickers and i bought one. It was honestly the most amazing delicious snickers I have ever had. I went back for one the next day and it was pretty good, but not as good as the day before.  

Symptoms?  Cramping. Loss of appetite. Increase of appetite. More frequent bathroom trips. One of my strangest food related things is I won't want anything, but I feel super hungry, and then all of the sudden I am so HUNGRY I feel sick. No actually morning sickness yet, but I have felt nauseous and  have gagged at the thoughts of certain foods.   Pregnancy brain, like bad. I found a salt shaker in the hall. My dog's wet food on top of the fridge where dry food goes. Cream cheese in the bedroom. Bad.

Best Moment of the Week?  Seeing the little gummy bears heart beat immediately on the ultra sound.  

High Risk factor: I was considered a high risk factor before because of my cervix, but today on search for the baby the ultrasound technician came across a fairly large (7mm) cyst on my ovary. The doctor said he has  seen these fairly often, some bigger, more smaller and it is just something to keep an eye on and if it ruptures ( PAIN) that I need to head to the ER immediately. No "relations." and no strenuous ANYTHING. What does this mean to me? In another two weeks, I get to see my baby's heartbeat AGAIN!!! eeek!


  1. AMY! Congratulations! Oh my goodness I'm SO excited for you and Tee! A baby and France?! Imagine fabulous and fashionable trips to Paris with a little girl (or boy)! :)


  2. Thanks Liz! We are super excited:-) I facebook messaged you about our "France" trip hehe I wish I was actually going...but you'll see!

  3. Well Mrs. J. I just got your FB message. So scratch the France thing ... I feel silly. And here I was think oh no are they going to have to sell the house after all of the work she's put into it?! But still yay for baby J! You're adorable preggers btw.


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