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Ring Stories!

C-Mae over at Happiness is.... Blog is having a link up about RINGS! I thought- Oh this will be easy I will just link up to the post about my engagement story. Turns out, I didn't have a blog when I got engaged and therefore no post. EVER. I am truly disappointed in myself because my now husband went through a lot of trouble planning the proposal and bought me a GORGEOUS ring. Now, honestly, I think there a very few and far between ugly engagement rings. Most of them a beautiful. BUT I do think what makes a ring GORGEOUS is if it matches the personality of the lady wearing it.

Back Story
My husband and I dated through college and were in a long distance relationship of our fourth year dating. Both of us pursuing post graduate degrees in different states (I, in Virginia, Him in Oklahoma). I went to visit a few times that year and one of the times he asked me to look at some rings online. Shocked and because I never looked a rings (superstitious) I couldn't believe I was doing it. So I picked one out. Princess cut. two baguettes on the side. Platinum.

After I get home from my trip I tell my mom, and she says- you know- round diamonds are supposed to be the better cut for diamonds- they reflect the light better.

Fast forward a year later August 2008. I move to Oklahoma. After about a month later I give him the "Are we on the same page?" lecture. We had discussed when we'd want to get married and I told him I need a YEAR to plan. Well, it just wasn't looking like it was going to happen. So I died my blonde hair brown that he loved blonde.

The Proprosal
 December 6, 2008 I was heading home from my second job (PetSmart) when he called me and asked if I wanted to go see this really neat light show in Chickashaw, OK with some friends. I rushed home to wash up and put on some warm clothes. Headed over to his apartment and he had made a delicious Salmon dinner! That was my first little- hmmmm maybe this is it! We ate and then were headed out the door when he said- do you have your camera? I didn't, so he whipped out his super old school camera that held like 5 pics on it. This was my second- hmmmmm. Well, on the way to Chickashaw, would you know it? The friends "called" and had a flat tire- they were going to be late. T asked if I still wanted to go. I said of course! But it kind of crushed my hopes of an engagement. Well we get there and this isn't some small little show I was imagining. It was a drive through, walk through or horse carriage through show. Just amazing. The line was super long just to park, so while we were waiting T played all of these old school love CDs. Third hmmmmm. We get there and he asks if I just want to walk through- I said sure. But then I saw the carriages and I jokingly said- can we do a carriage ride??? He said YES! I was so caught off guard. Ends up he had called ahead and reserved a private horse carriage for us. This is when I just knew he was going to propose. So we get on, I am beaming and we go all the way around the light show and are clearly at the end and I was thinking I had all this worked up in my head. Then the carriage stopped, he got down on one knee- said how much he loved me, how I was his best friend, and a ton of other really sweet stuff I can't remember  through my tears and emotions. Then he pulled out this 2 carat ROUND ROCK. Of course I said yes, and we've been happily married since:-) Here are some pics of the ring and engagement!

Before the proposal on the carriage ride- notice the brown hair...


The carriage:-)

picture of my ring right after the engagement!
We went back on our 1 year anniversary figuring we may never have the chance
considering we were moving back to VA in the summer.

We had gotten sadie soon after we were engaged:-)

Married July 18, 2009 (notice I am back to blonde)

The details on the ring are this- he pretty much went for the best on clarity, cut, carat, color. Which I could not believe. The band wasn't what I had imagined, but I absolutely love it. Its set really high so it reflect light beautifully in all its round glory. He got six prongs knowing how abusive I am to everything nice, and thank GOD because I got in a car wreck that actually knocked my diamond loose, and had there only been four prongs I wouldn't not have a diamond. He ended up going with silver gold because apparently you can buff out scratches where as platinum doesn't always buff. Did  I mention that I am REALLY ruff on things? Finding a wedding band that I liked was really hard, but we ended up getting plain one where he bought the engagement ring and I decided I wanted one with tiny diamonds- so we exchanged it and I am so glad I did because I LOVE LOVE my wedding band. Its super thin and has the tiniest diamonds half way around. Like I said, engagement rings should match the personality of the lucky lady wearing it. Mine's perfect for me. And I do catch other people staring at it quite often.
Ring and Band together (this is my ring dirty)

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