Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sew excited!

For Christmas my mom past down her Kenmore sewing machine (which I have sewn one 5th grade dress, 15 years ago) because my Nana, amazin' seamstress, no longer sews, my mom got her sewing machine. I have been wanting a sewing machine FOREVER. I love it. Anyway, I couldn't decide what in the world to sew first, so I think I am going to use the left over fabric to make a valance for my teensy kitchen window, which looks like crap right now. I bought a pattern, and hope to start asap.

said window


  1. If you need any tips/help with sewing, I know quite a bit!

  2. alright! I actually know a fair amount, as I was exaggerating my one dress sewing experience. but I will take you up on that if I get stuck!


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