Saturday, January 29, 2011

My New Message Center

I mentioned in this earlier post about how I wanted to redo a window frame into something fabulous. Well, meet my fabulous, new window frame.
finished product

hanging in our entry way actually had a lot more to it(star spangled curtains, spider webs, etc), but I immediately stripped it down before I thought to take an actual before pic.
I stared at the frame for what seemed like an eternity (as I usually start and finish things as soon as I get them), and finally started off with white washing it. 
Then, I added the top left and bottom right fabric, which I wanted to cover cork board with it, but wal-mart was out, and I was getting impatient, so I used cardboard. 
The black part is chalk board paint on card board, to leave messages, I just need to buy chalk. 
The bottom left, striped area has wire across it to hang pics on, as soon as I get some new 
black and white prints, along with mini clothes pins. 
The knobs I ordered from anthropologie
The fabric is from Above All Fabric, which is the same place I bought my dinning room chair fabric.

I was too excited to wait and stage it, before I posted about it. I will post some more pics as I actually start using it as a message center!

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