Monday, January 24, 2011

Bachelor Time Out

crazy#1...boot this girl off Brad.

I watched Brad Womack's first season on the Bachelor. Good for him for not choosing either girl because he didn't "feel it." I now think ABC network is trying to punish Brad by bringing out some real nuts. 
crazy#2...already booted...thank goodness.

runner up crazy, really GET OVER YOURSELF

But there is hope!!! This girl is great. Brad, run a way with Emily NOW!!!

Chantal is winning me over with the fact she pointed out to crazy number 1(Michelle) that her one on one date note didn't have the word love in it, like all of the other notes! HAHAHHA and Brad seems to act a little more real around both of these girls (especially his one on one with Chantal) than any one else.

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  1. I choose Emily and am glad that yesterday the jealous one was OUT OF THERE TOO


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