Thursday, July 8, 2010


Sadie, Tee and I have moved from Oklahoma to Virginia Beach and Sadie is fitting right in!
Doggy in the window...can you see her? Everytime Tee and I go out without her she looks out the window with a face that says "WHERE ARE YOU GOING, AND WHY AM I NOT WITH YOU???"
My cousin ,Rachel-7(above), Lauren-4 (below) and Sadie. Sadie is not sure what to think of kids...actually she does know what to think and that is...GET ME AWAY!
While Sadie hides from kids, she is quite the opposite with Nana. She loooooves Nana, and Nana loooooves her. In fact, when I try to get Sadie to sit in my lap Nana says "Leave her alone!"And I think Sadie would rather nap with Nana than hang out with me. hehe.

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