Thursday, July 15, 2010


June 14, 2010
10:30pm: Arrive home from Galax, Virginia

10:30-10:45pm: Mom unloads my car into her car, locks her car, but forgets about mine accidently

11:15pm: bedtime

11:23pm: a phone call is made to "O 0nbr" from my blackberry(unbeknownst to me)

11:24pm: a phone call is made to "Ass" from my blackberry ( again- no clue)

June 15, 2010
some time before 12:09pm: man named Brian finds my phone while walking around witchduck  pond  (neighborhoods away from where I live)

12:09-12:20pm: Brian calls a few people from my contact list in my phone until he reaches my brother

12:21pm: bro calls, says some guy found my phone on Virginia Beach, last I remember using my phone was in my car before we got home. No way I left it at a rest stop. But I am still confused.

12:25pm: I call my phone number to reach Brian, he answers and tells me where to go to pick it up.

12:36pm: On the way, I realize my purse is missing from my car, but I was pretty sure nothing valuable was in it.
12:45pm: pick up phone, the cover is on upside-down, but looks to be in good shape, Brian was very nice to return the phone.

about 4pm: Tee and I walk Sadie and Hannah. Two house down I see a pen in someone's lawn and think that it might be mine. Tee looks down and see's my memory card to my phone, that I hadn't put in my new phone yet. A few more paces down is a water drain, said purse and contents are dumped in sewer.

next 10 minutes: Tee and I fish my belongings out of the drain to realize my camera is missing:-( but everything else was accounted for including checks we had already cancelled.

After searching the house high and low for my brand new video camera- we realize that was probably in my purse as well:-(

The good news is, I have my brand new phone, my movado watch wasn't stolen, our gps wasn't stolen, Tee's nice sunglasses weren't stolen, and my car wasn't damaged. Also, I have a back up camera that is pretty nice, just not as cool as the one that was stolen.

The bad news is, being a victim sucks. I have had a sick feeling in my stomach all day. Learn a lesson from me- and lock your cars and don't leave valuables out in plain sight. ( I actually ALWAYS cover up my purse, especially recently because I have just had a weird feeling.)

Thought: The theives had to have taken the stuff with in 45 minutes of us arriving back to VA Beach, I wonder if they were watching us???  I NEVER leave my car unlocked- how is it that the one night it is, and my purse is out there it is stolen?? Could they be checking every night?

Why do there have to be jerks out there?

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