Sunday, October 25, 2015

Holiday Artist Market Prep

Chestnut Creek School of the Arts hosts a Holiday Artist Market every year from Thanksgiving to New Year's and this year I am joining 40 other local artisans in selling handmade crafts/art.

I wanted to do this last year, just wasn't sure what to make. So this year I said yes and then decided on making Handmade Baby Items, Busy Books, and advertising a new thing I am starting - Custom Watercolor Family Portraits. I may also add a really cute idea I had for ornaments. I am hoping to have a half a dozen of each item, but if you are wanting any of these before Christmas I am taking a very limited number of custom orders, as I am about 7 weeks out from having a baby and am not about to out do myself! OR you can swing by the artist market From Thanksgiving weekend until January 2016 and check out what I have in my inventory and all of the other cool local art!

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