Friday, October 2, 2015

Baby#2 The Nursery

The "nursery" is mostly finished! And the best part? I did for around $150!!! This time around I decided I wasn't about to try and use a crib. I went for a hand-me down full suit set from Tee's PaPa and updated the hard ware. I am planning on purchasing bed rails, but I figure a bed is much more conducive to nursing:-) This will also continue to be our guest room, so I didn't want it to be tooooooo baby. Anyway, I have one or two more things I plan on getting/framing/making for the walls, but otherwise this is it. I have considered painting the dark colored changing table (the one piece I saved from Bryce's baby days) but not sure if I should do white or that soft teal I have going on, or just leave it. Thoughts? 

Almost done with 29 weeks now! 

Furniture: hand me down with touch up paint/existing hardware sprayed with silver valspar paint. $free & $4/paint
Hardware (knobs): Amazon $25

Duvet: target $28
Sheets: Amazon $22
Painted Decor: upcycled frames and canvases $free
Mirrors/baskets/rug: TJMaxx $44
Monogram: Khols $7

Everything else was stuff I had!

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