Friday, July 19, 2013

11 months old!?

sunset in aruba

bird watcher like his grandpops

loves his shovel

one of two times he let his feet touch the sand

of course he decides to test the sand right before our photoshoot so he was not the happiest for the rest of the pics!

loves the swish swish

He is just awesome. Such a happy baby. still breastfeeding, cosleeping, eating more and more solids. Loves watermelon, broccoli, lemons, and limes. Slept for 5 hours straight (we do WIO)! He is almost about to walk, but not quite there yet. He is starting to put together words. He hates sand. loves the water. Has a little bit more hair. Did a great job on his two four hour flights to and from Aruba. Loves sadie still. Can nap by himself. He gives big open mouth kisses. Can climb stairs. Knows how to get off a couch by himself. Loves playing hide and seek. Has an infectious giggle. He is all boy. He likes to be the center of attention. Especially at dinner time. He is a talker. Still has an aggressive pointer finger. Notices the tiniest pieces of things anywhere. He is very observant of people. Still loves dark haired girls (like his aunties). He is just the center of our world. 

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