Thursday, June 20, 2013

10 month Brycey


my photo sessions when from about 200 pics to 15 with this active little man.
10 months?!?!? I know I say that every month, but seriously?! Oh this munchkin is the best! He is super active crawling, standing up, walking around tables, pushing toy shopping carts, pushing activity tables, and pushing anything in his way out of his way. Nick names include, but are not limited to squeakers, squeak pea, Brycers, brycer, bam bam, wild man, little lion man, shark tooth, sharp tooth, and so on. Speaking of teeth he has 8 and is cutting more. He gave me a bruise on my arm from biting me. His favorite thing in the world is trying to figure out how to get to Sadie's bowls. Originally it was her food bowl but now either one will do. He has successfully gotten one piece of dog food in his mouth before I swooped it out. At least that I know of. He has dumped multiple bowls of water on himself, floor, etc. Sadie barks like crazy when ever he starts crawling in her food bowl direction. Like that is going to stop him. He thinks her barking is the funniest thing ever. He gets the craziest look in his eyes when he gets to touch her. He is allowed to "pat" her, but sometimes slips in a "squeeze/grip." He is a nursing machine. Eats puffs, and purees still. Loooooves watermelon and cantaloupe and pears and mangos. Most of the time. He also likes yogurt. But mostly he likes mama's milk. He also is a babbling machiine with a few understandable words like "hel-do" for hello or "bye" as he opens and closes his hand in a bye motion. He says "doh-doh" for dog and sometimes "dadie" for sadie. He has da-da down. And mom-mom. He also loves to raise his hands above his head and wants you to do it, too. He has an aggressive pointer finger. Points at everything. Sometimes its embarrassing what he points at, but then again he is a baby so it is mostly funny. Brycer is also all about the pool. He loves being tossed and then dipped. And floats in his blow up float. Well, that's your Bryce 10 month old update!

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