Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hair Cut Scheduled, Opinions Needed!

September 27th!

I have been growing my hair out for 3 years. For the past year it has stayed about the same length no matter how often I get it cut or how little I get it cut. I told myself I would give it until August 2012 and, well, it is September 2012. It is time for a change. I can't decide however if I want to go really really short or take it in stages. I love the dramatic hair cuts from having long hair to short, but then again 3 years of growing it out is a long time! Here are some pictures I have picked out.
This is what I really really want. I have been drooling over this hair cut for months.

This would be an in between option of what I have now and the above. Kind of boring and safe.

I like the longer layered bob as well....

This is really really short, but I do like it- seems like it would be a breeze in the morning!

I think this is the same hair cut as above- Miss Reece is just stunning:-)

Here are some pics of me with different length hair. I was only going to post a few...but it was kind of fun looking at all my different hair styles:-)
Shoulder length straight (2007?)

This is the shortest my hair has ever been (Summer 2007). And what I am thinking I want now.

Shoulder length (I think 2010).

Short in 2005- not a fan of the layers for a current hair cut.

This is the short hair cut grown out some Spring of 2008 ( I couldn't resist this pic)

This was my hair a year ago...

See- same length as it is now!

Another short cut..and very straight circa 2007!

 I just like this pic:-) (2008)

This was my hair when it was dark in winter of 2008! Just wanted to share:-)

This is what my hair looks like curly at shoulder length ( summer2008).

This was the summer before I got married (2009)...about the length it is now- but straight.

What do y'all think? Shoulder length or go for the shortness!?!?!

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