Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bryce is 1 Month Old!

I took these photos on his actual one month birthday, however, he was a stinker yesterday and I did not get a free second to post them! So here he his- I just love his little expressions:-)

At one month Bryce sleeps in spurts of 2-4 hours at night. He follows shiny objects with his eyes. He hates tummy time. Loves looking at lights. Squinches up his face when Sadie kisses him. He grunts and squirms a lot. Has had a few moments of cooing talk. Pooped through his first outfit. He spits up A LOT. Somewhat likes a pacifier. Will take a bottle from T. Has been to his first VATech game, church,  and Wal-Mart (multiple times). His night time routine includes a bath at 8:00pm (which he looooves). Dressed in a sleep n' play or gown. And dancing to Old Crow Medicine Show, Bruno Mars, and Snoop Dogg. Every once in a while he will be wide awake at 4:00am for a few hours. He is an easy baby and we are exhausted- bless those parents who don't have easy babies!

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