Tuesday, August 14, 2012

10 days and what I will Miss.

Mom, Nana, Sis, Me, and Sadie girl ( I think I was 36 weeks in this pic)

In spite of my slight aggravation Bryce isn't choosing to make an early appearance (I'm very impatient)...I decided I wanted to make a list of things I am pretty sure I am going to miss after he is finally here. Most of these have to do with my appearance...I'm not that vain, I just appreciate the pregnancy glow:-)

10. My hair. While I don't notice a huge difference in growth rate, it just has seemed a lot easier to do.

9. My full lips. I normally have tiny lips, and my lips are just slightly swollen, and I love it!

8. Being 30lbs heavier and everyone stopping me to tell me how beautiful I am. It's really the only time this will happen in any woman's life.

7. Being able to eat a good healthy proportion of foods that I want some more of. It's the only time I can say yes to seconds without worry about another 5lbs or having to add 15 minutes on the elliptical workout I will never do.

6. Not having to really work out. While I am excited to get back into it, its nice to take a long leisurely walk, and feel like you exercised.

5.  Being able to wear a bikini (or tankini) and not worrying about my lack of six pack abs. Shoot, this is the hardest my tummy will ever be:-)

4. When people answer the phone and ask...."ARE YOU HAVING THE BABY?!"

3. When family and friends feel Bryce kick or have the hiccups. I have no problem with people I know touching my belly. One of my favorite moments was at a wedding all of T's guy friends were saying good bye and one of them just came up and rubbed my belly good bye- all of the other boys wanted to touch it , so I encouraged them:-) They acted like either they were going to hurt it or Bryce was going to jump out and bite them.

2. All of my zipper and button free pants.

1. Being able to rest my hand on my belly and feel a little response. I don't think I will miss being pregnant, but I will miss always knowing where Bryce is, and that he is only a touch away.

Tomorrow I may have to do a "What I will NOT miss list" :-)


  1. I still miss feeling the baby move. For me, definitely the best part. And, lucky you getting compliments. I received a few nutty comments, "You must be having twins....No, well that is a BIG baby." Thanks a lot random stranger.


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